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February 2019 - Check-in Thread

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

February Check In 


When I started the challenge last month, I had such good intentions for this year! After being out of work for an entire year, I finally landed an awesome job that pays me well...with an opportunity for a raise in a few months. I have the priveliege of not having a payment for housing. This was my year!!! With almost $2000 a month after my bills were made I was going to be able to dump tons into the installment payments that I have...a 700 score was coming my way!!! Sadly, I found out that I had 3 Texas backed student loans that had defaulted without my knowing. And that's not a copout...I swear I had no clue. The servicer didnt even have my phone number, address, or email to reach me. 

I know that sounds crazy..."how did she not know that she had three student loans out there?" Well--I consolidated my federal loans last year and Navient explicetly told me that all of my loans qualified for the new payment program. Back in college when my biggest concern was registering for classes in the next semester, the last thing I was thinking about was whether or not they would all be eligible for consolidation. 

Anywho...that was a gut punch. The Texas AG office threatening to file a judgement on me if I didnt come up with $7500 bucks in 7 days. Needless to say that I wound up applying for a few personal loans here and there that contributed to 3 or 4 HPs. Smiley Sad And any hopes to pay off extra on my car payment to get it 100% current and federal student loans have been put on hold until I can recover a little bit. 


The next kinda lame thing is that I went into the next tax bracket by $750 dollars, which means that I owe way more in taxes. That is kind og a bummer because I thought that I would be gaining a return to put towards some debt. Instead I will be writing a hefty check to Uncle Sam soon. 


The good news is that to start February: my student loans are all 100% current, I was able to negotiate a PFD on a chargeoff, got approved for a Secrured Card with Cap1 (now my second SC), and I went from 60 to 30 days behind on my car payment! 


The goal for the rest of the month is to close the gap on my car payment so that March will report current and figure out a new budget that will allow for me to pay parents back for the $ they loaned and also incorporate a new SL payment in the mix as well. 


It is definately hard to stay positive in times like this. I already want to throw in the towell. But, I want to be out of my student loan debts in the next 3-4 years so I know that I have to stay in the challenge mentality. 


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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

Heres my February Check In:


So far since the beginning of the year, I have increased my EQ score by 19 pts, TU by 18 and EQ by 26 pts.    Main reasons for this is right after starting this challenge I paid off 2 old collection accounts.   Then I requested validation of one of my old debts and they couldnt provide it and deleted that from my credit!  Smiley Very Happy


I have cut my credit card utilization down to below 10% now and am tracking my statement dates like I hadnt done before joining this site.   Those new utilization numbers should start reporting this month.   Also, I just opened my second credit card account and now have 2.  Each with a $500 limit that I will use to build my credit.       Paying my auto loan off this month and will open a share secured installment loan from my credit union later this month and after that I'm hoping to garden for the rest of the year.    Cant wait to get my spade soon!!  Smiley Wink


Wishing everyone else good luck on their goals!  


p.s.   ... is it too late to adjust my yearly goals a bit?   I was a bit naive when first setting my goal for the year and may have bitten off more than I can chew....   lol

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Current Score:  EQ: 639    TU: 614    EX: 648    
Goal Score:      EQ: 810    TU: 800    EX: 815    

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

@psylentj wrote:


p.s.   ... is it too late to adjust my yearly goals a bit?   I was a bit naive when first setting my goal for the year and may have bitten off more than I can chew....   lol

It is good to keep your goals slightly out of reach.  Makes you have to truly stretch (grow) for them.

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

February Goals


January Goals


Get 90day lates removed from 2 stuent loans that were marked with lates even though I was in deferrment. Success! Got a letter last week they would be removing the lates. Should update within 30 days. 


Get Waypoint Resource to remove collection report for an account that was settled in 2016. Success! Sent letters mid January. Had a notification that they were removed from TransUnion. Waiting to see removals from Equifax and Experian. **These are now removed from all credit reports. 


Enhanced Recovery for utility bill from 2014: I didnt send anything to them but they were removed from my Transunion and Experian credit report. Maybe due to the letter I sent to utility asking for goodwill forgiveness on previous derogotary account?? No idea. WE Energies is still reporting negative right now. Enhanced recovery is removed from TU and EX and so is WE Energies. Success!


JH Portfolio Removal. This one is gone. Don't know when. But it dissapeared.


Credit Card UTI down from 69%: Down to 52%. Hoping to hit 30% by end of February. ** Two card updated balances and my mortgage score went up 20 points. I have 5 still waiting to report lower balances so we shall see how that impacts my mortgage score. 


Get Conserve to remove collection account for school tuition. Settled in 2016. They sent a new report with "unpaid". Sent a request for payment history. They returned with payment info, which included the 4 settlement payments made in 2016. Returned a letter to them asking for clarification as to why the account was still being listed as unpaid when they have the settlement payments listed in my account transactions. Offered $250 payment for deletion. Waiting to hear back on second letter. Hoping to PFD if not successful with GW. 

        EDIT 2/12: I got a call from conserve stating the new reporting is accurate and that the old account was "closed by mistake". Claim they are removing the old report and leaving the new one. If they do that and dont add the new report then this new report will only be showing on my Equifax report. Not to bad. They wouldnt do a delete. Thinking of touching base with the college to see what my options are with them. If they will remove the record if I pay directly with them. 


GW letter to WE Energies to remove negative tradeline from 2014. Reporting to TU and EX. Waiting to hear back. Update: 2/16: been removed from reporting. Yay!


I am calling to speak with a LO that works with our friend agent. He has amazing reviews. I will be seeing sometime soon what else we need to do in order to be mortgage qualified when we are hoping to be.  EDIT 2/12: We are meeting with LO on the 23rd. He already pulled our reports for then so we will have to take in a current report since 5 of our CC will be reporting new balances (less). Plus if anything else comes off between now and then. 



Possible need to PFD- February

Conserve: May offer 50% for delete- They wouldn't do a PFD so checking in with College. 

World Finance: may offer 50% for delete(due to fall off 1/2020 but this company is nonresponsive to everything. So no idea if they will even respond to a payment. Maybe. SOL expired this year 1/2019)   not going to bother with this one unless I HAVE to. Falls off my report in less than a year. 

Diversified Consultants: $213. This is an ATT account I forgot about. Just sent in equipment to get my credit. I am supposed to call back in 2 days to check balance update and then I will pay the $47 I owe on this account. Once done I will GW AT&T to have collection deleted. I am sure it will be no issue. 

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

No progress since I just started. However my goal for this month to apply the AZEO method and see how that effects my scores! 

Starting FICO-8 as of February, 2019:

Current FICO-8 as of February, 2020:

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

I was reminded this week that this is going to be a long journey with ups and downs.  Received my tax return and paid down my Double Cash by $1,000 only to have Citi take AA the very next day and reduce my credit limit by virtually that amount.  Still glad I did it because it it got rid of 75% of my highest interest account but annoyed that my scores won't get much of a bump since my utilization is virtually unchanged.  

Starting Score:EQ: 621 EX: 590 TU: 631 1/2/2019
Current Score: EQ: 631 EX: 600 TU: 641
Goal Score: EQ: 700 EX: 700 TU: 700

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

Just need to vent my current frustration/ discouragement.
I have one baddie on each report. Both are incorrect.
One is a tiny medical bill. It was originally on all three bureaus. I sent a letter to each bureau. Two bureaus responded that the collection agency agreed to delete. Then... Equifax sent a letter stating that the collection agency said the debt was valid and that it would not be removed. They updated the date and that was that. WTH!!!
This has been typical of this agency. I have been dealing with them almost a year and each time I hear something different from each person. I'm assuming that the credit bureau letters were received and replied to from different agents at the collection agency. It's been 2 months now since the different credit bureau respones.

I have an attorney and he says to be patient and it's good for us. I don't care. I just want the negative tradeline gone. 😐
Someone from the agency left a voicemail for me 2 months ago stating that they verified that I had insurance at the time of my injury with my insurance carrier but that they wanted ME to get a letter from them as well. Nonsense. But, I submitted the letter. Totally stupid because they admitted that they verified it. I spoke to my insurance carrier and they said the would pay but medical office had never submitted bill. I called the collection agency and asked them to submit their bill and the lady got snarky and said, "well, we COULD...". I asked how the expected to be paid if they never submitted a bill. She said she didn't know why I was making a big deal out of a small bill. ?!?!??!

The other bill that is showing on two reports is from Verizon. The bill is mine but the amount is not reflecting a rebate that I was due. The bill is now with Eos CCA and they are not budging.
I'm exhausted.
Starting Score: EX 641 TU 631 EQ 669
Current Score: EX 714 TU 718 EQ 713 (EQ9 735)
Goal Scores: 750

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

Things are going slower but doing well. I did get my Experian score over the 700 mark and was able to get a paid tax lein off of my Nexis Lexis report. We were also pre-approved for our mortgage! I still have some things to do to get my score raised besides just giving it time but so far so good.

I do have a drop in expecting in my score because of Fingerhut. I had a $600.00 limit increase in October but because I didnt use it, it expired Feb 1st. So my credit utilization will report dropped. I could get some credit cards to up my limits but because we are buying a home I am not touching any credit except to pay it off! However I think I've gotten a solution to my limit issue by having my mom put me on one of her high limit/ no balance / aged credit accounts. Its a JC Penney card so I hope it will work since its not a major card! Hopefully this deters the Fingerhut limit.

My goals haven't changed. I'm still working towards getting to the 750+ score level!
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Current Score: EQ 700 TU 703 EX 707
Goal Score: 750

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

hello...this should be fun.


can someone show me how to get cc images in signature and the fitness logo...thank you Smiley Happy

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

@bornspender wrote:

can someone show me how to get cc images in signature and the fitness logo...thank you Smiley Happy

This post will show you how to add credit cards. 




This post has the instructions for adding the Fitness logo.


Official myFICO Fitness Challenge Signature


Goal Cards

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