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February 2023 Check-In Thread

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Re: February 2023 Check-In Thread



I just started the challenge, but I've already made so much progress! Smiley Happy

FICO8 Scores as of October 2023:

Credit Cards:

Utilization: 1-6%; Inquiries: 15

*Tip: if you hover over the credit cards, you can see the credit limit for each
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Re: February 2023 Check-In Thread

My score finally reached 670 on the AMEX app, gonna try requesting a CLI again by next month. Waiting to get my $10K Tower Federal Credit Union Mastercard that will lower my aggregate utilization.

Chase Freedom Unlimited : $6000 | Discover It Chrome : $3500 | AmEx CS Investor : $6000 | Chase Sapphire Preferred : $5000 | Chase Amazon Prime : $2000 | AmEx Hilton Surpass : $1000 | AmEx Business Plus : $2000 | AmEx Platinum CS : NPSL/POT $4500 | Tower Federal CU : $15,000
Total Credit Limit : $40000
Experian FICO 8 : 686
| Experian Vantage : 701 | TransUnion FICO 8 : 689 | TransUnion Vantage : 704
Starting Score: 512
Current Score: 686
Goal Score: 700+

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Re: February 2023 Check-In Thread

It was a busy month.  Paid off my Upstart loan (woot!). I will get dinged for credit mix now that I have no open installment loans.  Finances over FICO!  Also got all the cards (4) I took out balance transfers on to pay off my Upstart loan below 88% utilization.  None of this has reported yet but scores should stabalize now that all my moves have been made and will start going up as I cross utilization threshholds in the coming months.



Beginning Rebuilding - February 2022

Current Scores - June 2023

Goal Scores - January 2024

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