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February Check in thread

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Re: February Check in thread

Hi.  I just joined today so I wanted to post my status for the month.


This month my goals are to:


* contribute to savings each week

* contribute to IRA each week

* pay Target balance in full

* pay $150 on credit card (my balance is very high right now)

* pay on 2 medical bills (it will be a while before they are paid in full)


I have to stay focused and dedicated this month.  It's really hard with 5 kids something always comes up & and sidetracks what I had planned.  I'm going to work extra hard to start this month off right!!

Starting Score: EQ 496 TU 511 EX 524 2/1/15
Current Score: EQ 520 | TU 523 | EX 524
Goal Score: EQ/TU/EX 650

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Re: February Check in thread

Checking in for early February. My scores haven't changed much as I haven't been doing much with my credit. Hopefully, the end of the month will leave me more to talk about. Since I have some money coming in, I'd be able to pay off the majority of my cards off. Hopefully, that'll boost my scores up as utilization is the only thng bringing them down. 

Current Information (05/2016)
Scores: EX: 633, EQ: 619, and TU: 727
Current Utilization: ?%

Goal: All above 750 and no more than 3% utilization
Gardening until 12/31/16 (Hopefully)
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Re: February Check in thread

Tell discover to activate apple pay already. 


Get credit score back up to 744 or above.



Discover it 13300 cl nov 2014/ Everyday 26700 k march 2015/CSP 7.5k Feb 2016/ Freedom Unlimited 7k july 207
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Re: February Check in thread


Starting Score:625
Current Score:660
Goal Score:725

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Re: February Check in thread

Re: February Check in thread

Greetings ALL!!  :smileyhappy:


I was doing SO well with my gardening & paying balances down, then in Dec, I hit a deer!  That thing stepped out in front of me driving home at 11:00 pm.  Going 75 with the cruise on...BAM!


So....unfortunately, that car was totalled by ins co & once inquiries & a new car loan.


Still been putting major dents into my card balances & feeling good about 2015!


My highest score right now is with Experian.  That's hard to believe, since EX is the only one with a baddie.  Had it out with the Dep of Ed in 09 when I paid off my student loan.  Final payment was listed as paid collection.  Disputed & TU & EQ removed the notation, but EX would not budge & neither would DoE.  I decided after many calls, letters & etc., they just weren't worth it.  Now with that baddie nearing 1 year left this month, it's impact is lessening, but it's still the #1 factor hurting me.


Currently, EX 729.....TU 709....EQ 676


It's very interesting that EQ & EX both show all my other FICO score versions!!  :smileytongue:  Is TU planning on following suit??


But...bottom line, back in the garden.  My EQ file took a hit when I had the veh. inquiry, dumped Sprint for a no-contract AT&T service & also had a hit for my Freedom card.

Laying back in the garden & waiting for the Spring thaw!





So glad you're ok!!

Starting Score:625
Current Score:660
Goal Score:725

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Re: February Check in thread

Hello to all.  I need to join a credit monitoring pgm so I can get a more accuate score since Discover is only showing one score.  My goal this month is not to use any c.c's and to pay off 2 cards. Gonna be in the garden until next year. Slow and steady wins the race.  Good luck everyone!!

Starting Score:625
Current Score:660
Goal Score:725

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Re: February Check in thread

Checking in for February.  I was able to bring down my CC debt to just a little over $7K on one card.  Since my utilization is still over 50%, I'm still getting dinged on that.  I decided to go ahead and transfer $3500 of it to another CC.  Now I will have 2 cards with balances but because of the balance transfer, I'm hoping to save some money on the interest.  Both cards will now be under 25% utilization so it will be interesting to see if any of my scores will tick up.  I still have 1 late payment showing on all bureaus that happened almost 6 years ago on a closed account.  I was in their chat room to see if I could get them to send a "goodwill" letter to remove this late payment but was informed that this was a final and closed reason and cannot be changed.  I might still go ahead and send a letter to them anyway.  Not sure if this will help or not.  The chat room lady did say she was sending in a dispute on my behalf to the agencies but not sure if this will help.  


My starting score shows what I had when I first signed up with MyFICO.  My starting scores were in the upper 600's according to Credit Karma as well as mortgage lender hard-inquiry pull a year ago to look into re-financing my house.  Because it was below 700, I decided not to re-finance.  I would work on paying off my CC debt instead.  I have reduced it from a high of $22K to now $7K.  I'm hoping to have it all paid down by May 2015.  I'll keep posting my check-in's and status.  Good Luck to everyone on their 2015 goals. 

Current Score: EQ:829 (9/8/17) TU:819 (9/8/17) EX:821 (9/18/17)
Goal Score: 825 across the board
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Re: February Check in thread


This is my February check-in. Continuing to further my goals for 2015 which are to garden until September then refinance my car, continue gardening until we house hunt in 2016.


Hope to get positive results back from a dispute on a charge off since the creditor did not validate the debt. Should hear back around the 17th.


Should have the last two medical collections paid and removed on Experian using WhyChat's way by July. Shooting for sooner, but depends on how much I can save to go towards the bills.


All baddies should fall of by the end of this year so there should be NO problem with my CR when we apply for a mortgage in 2016.


All in all it is starting off as a good year! 


I did get some excellent news yesterday. I cancelled my 3-in-one monitoring yesterday so I can get the new 3-in-one monitoring that gives me access to see my mortgage and auto credit scores and I have a 671 with EQ and a 673 EX!  My TU 08 score is better than my EX so that should be around the same as the other two. By this time next year it should go up further (Shooting for at least 50 points higher to bring to a nice 720)! 



Starting Score Average: EQ 569 TU 501 EX 562
Current Score: EQ 667 TU 757 EX 656
Goal Score Average: 800 Across the board

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Re: February Check in thread

Checking in for this month! Nothing new really, and I'll be speding my time in the garden for more than a year Smiley Very Happy

Starting Score: (1/15)TU: 690 EX: 690 EQ: 711
Current Score: (10/18) TU-8: 813 EX-8: 808 EQ: 797
Goal Score: (7/20) 800+ for all three bureaus

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Gardening until July 2020!

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Re: February Check in thread

coffeegal wrote:

I made some good progress in January.  January was a great month for me.  Smiley Happy


        1/14 I 60 day total

EQ  +26  /  +59

TU  +20  /  +72 

EX  +25  /  +60


This jumps were primarily a result of having a CO paid and removed from all three CRAs.  In addition to some big score jumps, I was able to obtain a new car loan at my local credit union (1.74%), 2 AMEX cards, a charge card and revolver.  Obtaining the car loan was huge for me, as it was very much time for a new one.  Though I knew I could be approved for a car loan sooner, I wanted to wait as long as I could to push my scores a little higher, and get some of those baddies off.  


In my initial post, I had stated that misuing credit cards in college was one of the reasons that I had credit challenges, I realized that wasn't my primary issue A) it was a long time ago, B)In hindsight, it was not very much $$ in the end.  What really hurt me was a decent size tax lien, not paying my student loans on time, and some silly collections  (two under $250) that I didn't realize were  on my CRAs until I joined MyFico.  Oh --- and never looking at my credit report!  Smiley Happy.  Additionally, when I purchased my last car, I was naive, and accepted a terrible offer for a loan at double digit % that I probably could have found a better offer, but didn't think I could get approved.  


Because I had/have a fairly thin file:  student loan (not so great payment history), auto loan (good payment history in the last couple of years), 3 credit cards (1 visa, JCrew, and Target -- all with perfect payment, and low utilization), every baddie greatly impacted my scores in a big way.  On the upside, after satisfying and vacating my tax liens and cleaning up the collections, my report is somewhat clean.  


At this point, I think I simply need to focus on conitnuing to ensure timely payments on all accounts!



Good job! Keep up the good work!!

Gardening since 10/01/18 Gardenversary 10/01/20 Score: xx/xx/xx EQ xxx TU xxx EXP xxx
Current Score: 781
Goal Score: 800
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