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February Check in thread

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Re: February Check in thread

Checking in.  I had my Equifax and Transunion jump by 81-87 points!!  Wow.  My Experian only jumped up 21.  Is Experian the hard one to get up?

Starting Score: 659, 647, 663
Current Score: 740, 734, 684
Goal Score: 700 on all three

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Re: February Check in thread

It's been an interesting month, everyone!


For february, I got 2 baddies removed from TU and EX. One of my CCs was PIF, two other to under 9%, and the big guy I had sitting around 50% was paid down to 15% util. For these efforts, my score was rewarded!


Jan - 640 EQ | 644 TU | 637 EX

Feb - 663 EQ | 652 TU | 683 EX


The jump on EX was huge - I was moderately surprised by this. So hopeful the other two would be close, but there is a 60 day late reporting on EQ/TU. On the bright side, that late will be going away this summer once I completed a payment agreement with the lender. Not in time for the new car next month, but worse case scenario I eat a kind of crappy rate on an auto loan, garden for a year and then refinance.


There's a big baddie left on all 3 that I need to try to PFD - this is my goal for the month to head into March with. With that goal, this month 3/4 credit cards will report a zero balance by next statement, and the last one will be down to ~1-2% utilization.  

~Gardening until April 2017~

Starting Score: EQ 637 TU 623 EX 667 1/6/15
Current Score: EQ 696 | TU 708 | EX 670 1/26/16
Goal Score: EQ/TU/EX 700
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Re: February Check in thread

Just joined the challenge and I am excited about the next several months as I get my credit score up. I just had my credit pulled 02/2015.

Starting Score: EX569/TU608/EQ613
Current Score: EX569/TU608/EQ613
Goal Score: 700

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Re: February Check in thread

Just checking in to let everyone know that my scores are moving up beautifully. I can not be any happier, can't believe one of my scores are over 700. I am still working on getting the rest of the baddies off. I will check back in 

Starting Score:EQ 591, TU 602, EX 611
Current Score: EQ 631, TU 712, EX 622
Goal Score:800 Across the Board

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Re: February Check in thread

I'm very excited this month.  I have used my bonus to pay down my credit cards according to my game plan.  I'm now waiting for my scores to update.

Discharged BK7 2013.
NFCU Flagship 16000, NFCU NRewards 16000, NFCU LOC 15000, QuikSilver 1250, JCrew 5050, Pottery Barn 8170, Walmart 3500, Amazon 3500, Lowes 5000, Kays 4000, PayPal 2000, QVC 2000, Sams Club 5000, Evine 1000, CareCredit 1100, Best Buy Visa 500, HHGregg 1500, Banana Republic 300

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Re: February Check in thread

Start of Feb








2 updates from 2 comenity store cards being added through the checkout trick, waiting on one more update to reflect that in my TU score


still waiting across the board for capital one to report (UTIL was at 89% and is now about 3%)

Last App: Feb 2016. Gardening until Feb 2017.

Bank card total CL: $16,450 | Store card total CL: $4,500

Ch 7 BK discharged 8/2011

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Re: February Check in thread

four more points on Equifax

Starting Score: 718EQ 721TU 710EX as of Feb 2015
Current Score: 722EQ 747TU 710EX
Goal Score: 800+

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Re: February Check in thread

I would like to participate in the myFico Fitness Challenge. How would I do so?

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Re: February Check in thread

just check in I have pay one card off waiting on the report and see how much I go up since I charge 3k on another one
Amex ED (2000) Amex BCE (2000) Amex macys (5000) Amex Gold , VENTURE (5000) MC PLATINUM (600) CAP QUICKSILVERONE (1250) CAP QUICKSILVER (4500) CAP QUICKSILVER (3500) PENFED AMEX (5000) PENFED CASH REWARDS (25,000) PENDFED REWARDS VISA SIGNATURE (20,000) UPROMISE (1000) NFL (4000) OVERSTOCK (2800) HSN (3200) DISCOVER IT(8500) AMAZON PRIME (10000) MARVEL(7000) BOF VISA(2000) BEST BUY VISA CITI (9000) BLISPAY (9000)Amex Magnet (10,000) Uber (3100)

WELCOME TO 100K CLUB . LAST APP 08/29/18 Credit Score 8 TU 720 EQ 705 EX 724

Starting Score: 640
Current Score: 720
Goal Score: 850

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CARD I want .
Chase Freedom and US cash +

Now back to the garden until 2020
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Re: February Check in thread

Hey all, 


I've been cruising the myfico boards for a little over a year and have finally decided to jump on board (a little late admittedly) to the 2015 Challenge.  I'm currently using my TU score as my baseline because it falls nicely in between EX and EQ.  Basically I've been slowly working on rebuilding credit I screwed up several years ago when I was unemployed and then underemployed for about 2 years.  Thankfully 2 of the 4 baddies (ouch I know) should fall off my report around June or July 2016.  The rest will be gone by 2018.  A secured card from BOA and 2 unsecureds from Cap One in the first year have helped me really start building my credit.  BOA sucks and still won't get me off the Secured card, can't close it yet because it's my oldest open line.  Ugh.  Cap One gave me a CLI from 300 to 3300 in the first 6 months of my Quicksilver card and even upgraded me to the no fee version.  On the other Cap One I went from 300 to 500 and got a reduced fee.  Not a bad start on my rebuild.  I'm about 2 years in and have recently been approved for 2 chase cards, discover, and a couple of store cards.  I'm going to avoid anymore apps until at least Sept 2015 and preferably July/August 2016.  My goal is to get my scores into the 700s across the board.  Wish me luck



Starting Score - TU - Sept 2014 - 584
High Score - TU - Oct/Nov 2014 - 657
Current Score - TU - 623 (Feb 2015)
Goal - 700

In the garden since... well... right now... 02/18/2015.

Chase Southwest (VS) - $5000, Capital One Quicksilver (MC) - $3300, Discover IT - $1100, Chase Amazon (VP) - $1000, Amazon - $700, Macy's - $600, Capital One Platinum (MC) - $500 LOFT - $500, Victoria's Secret - $250
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