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January 2019 Check-In Thread

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Re: January 2019 Check-In Thread

Received notice today from one of the bureaus that my dispute regarding a medical bill was completed and in my favor. Woohoo!!!
This bill is from a couple of years ago and I have been trying to get the OC to apply my insurance and I'm not sure if it's laziness or what but each time I called they would say the coverage HAD been verified but they needed an additional letter or whatever (which I submitted multiple times).
I called my insurance carrier and they were perplexed because they were not being billed.
I hired an attorney and he had me submit the documentation to the bureaus that my insurance provided, stating that I had coverage at the time of injury.
Hoping scores go up a bit. I will see tomorrow when I'm able to pull again.
Starting Score: TU 631 - EX 641 - EQ 669
Current Score: TU 646 - EX 647 - EQ 651
Goal Score: 750

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Re: January 2019 Check-In Thread

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  


I joined myFico in 2013, cleaned my credit in less than 6 months thanks to the folks on this forum; started with high 500s ended with low 700s. I maxed most of my cards, took out loans and other bad credit practices for the last 5 I am back. Also, I purchased my reports after receiving several mortgage loan denials since I started applying 1/2/2019.


2019 Goals  

1. Lower Overall Utilization - Current 100%  Goal 47% 

2. Mortgage Score Improvement - Current EQ: 619 TU: 628 EX: 563 Goal 700+ across all board

3. Remove Collections - Current 2 CA Goal 0 CA 

4. Improve AAoA - Current 6.8 years Goal 7.8 years 

5. Home Purchase December 2019


So far, I paid off Amazon and Victorias Secret and started a GW letter campaign (CA and NFCU 30-day late) of the CA (NCM Management) deleted, the other two are with the same CA (National Credit Adjusters) and I haven't found the right person yet. NFCU refuses to delete the late; I will never give up. 





Starting Score Fico8/Mortgage: EQ 585/619 TU 604/628 EX 592/563
Current Score Fico8/Mort: EQ 585/619 TU 604/628 EX 592/563
Goal Score Fico8/Mort: 720+ across all!

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Re: January 2019 Check-In Thread

Applying for a Mortgage loan in March/April. Looking to get my morgage score up to at least a 620 but aiming for a 640. 



Student Loan: Nelnet to fix 90 lates on two accounts. At the time I had several with them and only 2 didnt get put on deferrment for some reason. Their fault for sure. Trying to get them to fix it is like pulling teeth. This time I sent account info for all the accounts that were on deferrment with them at the same time these two went late. Hopefully that will help. 


Instaloan: for a auto loan i never got because I returned the vehicle 2 weeks after purchasing due to the mechanical condition of the vehicle. Hopefully they will fix that one. Its only on one (Equifax) but it needs to go. 


Conserve: They keep double reporting. They updated a new report with an UNPAID balance this month despite having a previous report (still reporting) as PAID. Been trying to goodwill it off my report so hopefully they will just delete it since it was paid and settled and they just reported it as unpaid. 


Brighthouse: Paid and settled this in 2015 and this is the SECOND time they have put a report on my credit for a balance owed in collections. They removed it the first time and now I get to make them do it again. 



Going to request an EE from TU for a student loan that was paid and is due to fall off in June of this year. There are three student loan accounts on my husbands report that were in default but were paid in full and all are due to come off. When the credit issuer changed names they removed his old accounts and then added the new ones. When two were removed his score jumped 42 points so hoping to get all of them EE by March so we can see that point spike before we apply. 


Credit Cards:

I have 6 due to hit the one year mark by May. BUT I have high UT right now so will be paying those off this month and next month so that we can get the score bump from those going down to $0 except one. I am thinking Cap 1 quicksilver should carry our balance? I only have Capital One and Credit One cards for regular credit cards. 



All of my inquiries except one will age to one year by May as well. I think I have 6 affecting my score right now. Hubby has less than 3 so they arent hurting him like they are hurting me. 



JH Portfolio is the bane of my existence. They will not reponde to any requests for validation or even just to get an itimized statment. When I dispute with CB they come back with "credit issuer validated this debt it will remain on your report" but I dont know what they are using to validate it as I have NEVER gotten anything from them and they won't respond to my requests. No idea what to do about these guys. Any advice?


Hoping February credit update brings some good jumps. 



For Me Starting FICO 8 Score 4/1/18 EX 599 TU 602 EQ 609
Current FICO 8 Score 6/1/18: EX 620 TU 617 EQ 623
Beginning Mortgage Score 4/1/18: EX 537 TU 592 EQ 578
Current Mortgage Scores 6/1/18 EX 607 TU 601 EQ 613
Hubby Starting FICO 8 Score 4/1/18: EX 505 TU 543 EQ 484
Current FICO 8 Score 6/1/18: EX 581 TU 581 EQ 569
Beginning Mortgage Score 4/1/18: EX 494 TU 512 EQ 548
Current Mortgage Scores 6/1/18 EX 577 TU 598 EQ 582
Goal Score 7/1/18: 640 Across the Board

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Re: January 2019 Check-In Thread

We are in the same boat. I just sent out goodwill removal request letters for a 30-day late on my Navy Federal cc and another for two paid collections with NCA (same CA reports both and no one on the forums has dealt with them). My mid mortgage score is 619....just one point away from qualifying for the worst mortgage terms. I ended up pushing my move back to pay down more of open cc debt and attempting to get the late and collections removed before apping for mortgage loans again. 


Good news is, I started with 3 collections and I was able to get get 1 CA to remove....NCA doesn't seem like they are going to budge, so I am going to keep at it. I am thinking that if I alternate phone calls and letters I might be able to catch the right person at the right time. Also, I hear that the late should lose a little of its bite after the 6 month mark. 


We can do this, it just takes lots of patience and attention to detail. Lots of good advice, great information, and inspiring stories on this forum. Best of luck to you and your hubby!! 


Starting Score Fico8/Mortgage: EQ 585/619 TU 604/628 EX 592/563
Current Score Fico8/Mort: EQ 585/619 TU 604/628 EX 592/563
Goal Score Fico8/Mort: 720+ across all!

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