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January 2019 Check-In Thread

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Re: January 2019 Check-In Thread

Received notice today from one of the bureaus that my dispute regarding a medical bill was completed and in my favor. Woohoo!!!
This bill is from a couple of years ago and I have been trying to get the OC to apply my insurance and I'm not sure if it's laziness or what but each time I called they would say the coverage HAD been verified but they needed an additional letter or whatever (which I submitted multiple times).
I called my insurance carrier and they were perplexed because they were not being billed.
I hired an attorney and he had me submit the documentation to the bureaus that my insurance provided, stating that I had coverage at the time of injury.
Hoping scores go up a bit. I will see tomorrow when I'm able to pull again.
Starting Score: TU 631 - EX 641 - EQ 669
Current Score: TU 646 - EX 647 - EQ 651
Goal Score: 750

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Re: January 2019 Check-In Thread

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  


I joined myFico in 2013, cleaned my credit in less than 6 months thanks to the folks on this forum; started with high 500s ended with low 700s. I maxed most of my cards, took out loans and other bad credit practices for the last 5 I am back. Also, I purchased my reports after receiving several mortgage loan denials since I started applying 1/2/2019.


2019 Goals  

1. Lower Overall Utilization - Current 100%  Goal 47% 

2. Mortgage Score Improvement - Current EQ: 619 TU: 628 EX: 563 Goal 700+ across all board

3. Remove Collections - Current 2 CA Goal 0 CA 

4. Improve AAoA - Current 6.8 years Goal 7.8 years 

5. Home Purchase December 2019


So far, I paid off Amazon and Victorias Secret and started a GW letter campaign (CA and NFCU 30-day late) of the CA (NCM Management) deleted, the other two are with the same CA (National Credit Adjusters) and I haven't found the right person yet. NFCU refuses to delete the late; I will never give up. 





Starting Score: FICO 2,4 & 5 Mortgage EQ 619 TU 628 EX 563
Current Score: FICO 2,4 & 5 Mortgage EQ 619 TU 628 EX 563
Goal Score: FICO 2, 4 & 5 Mortgage EQ 720 TU 720 EX 720

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