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January 2020 Check In Thread

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Re: January 2020 Check In Thread

I see everyone has some positive progressive goals for 2020! I didn't post any of mine but one of the big ones is to maintain my composure in the garden until June! I want my current accounts to continue to grow with Discover and NFCU etc because those are accounts whose CL could be higher in my opinion. so I plan on locking my CRs to keep me from doing anything impulsive and just let things steadily improve for the next 4-6 months..... If not and things go to $h*t then I stepped out of the garden for that AMEX lol

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Re: January 2020 Check In Thread

So I finally did it. 

I have ONE badass baddie on my credit report. It was a collection account for an apartment from 4 years ago. I FINALLY got it paid off in two lump sum payments and they agreed to delete. I am anxiously and so impatiently waiting for my credit report to update. I am hoping they report at the beginning of the month when I made my first lump sum payment earlier this month they updated on the 13th (which was the case in the past with this account). I wonder if they do two updates a month. One mid-cycle and one at the beginning. I hope so anyway. It is the last baddie and I can't wait to see what happens when it goes away. I have a paid medical collection that I am waiting to be removed too. It is already off one of my reports. Just waiting on the other two. So then all that's left is paying down my credit cards which I will be doing either February or March and I should be set for applying for a mortgage in May!

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