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January 2022 Check-In Thread

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Re: January 2022 Check-In Thread

Oops, didn't check in this month.


A couple of changes since December 1. Last baddie on TU fell off and F8 went up 47 points to 790. Both EX and EQ are above 800 at 813 and 809 respectively. I would say my goal is to get TU above 800, but I am not sure what it is going to take with them. They don't seem to like my profile very much. There are no differences in reporting from what I can see between them and the other two. I'll have to pull out the magnifying glass and fine-toothed comb to check out what is going on there.


Closed the year with two Biz Credit Card approvals from Chase and AmEx.


This year, I will add a couple more CC to my wallet: Chase Sapphire Preferred (Apr), Chase SW Biz Performance (Nov) and AmEx Blue Cash Preferred (Nov). From there, I would be done for a while.


If used car prices go back to normal, we might buy DW a one year old vehicle of her choice.


I'll also pay the HELOC down to zero from the massive home improvements we are doing.

Starting Score: 469
Current Score: 846
Goal Score: 850

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Re: January 2022 Check-In Thread

EDITED to reflect two CLIs and the Evergreen card:


It's been quite a year. In the last thirteen months and a few days I've added cards, gotten CLIs for existing cards. My aggregate credit limit across all my cards is well over FIVE TIMES what it was! Improved my scores, and learned a lot from the good folks here on this forum. My scores are down a little at the moment because of higher than normal utilization through the holidays, but I expect them to bounce right back up when I pay down debts over the next couple months.


From just before I got in with Disco on Dec 4, 2020 to when I got my most recent Capital One CLIs and the FNBO Evergreen on Jan 16:

$  600  $  950  Cabela's Capital One World Mastercard
  4850    5850  Capital One Quicksilver World Mastercard (PC from Platinum)
  1120    3600  Eddie Bauer (Comenity Bank)
  1600    6500  PenFed Gold Visa

  7200    7200  Kay Jewelers (Genesis FS)
          7500  Discover it Cash Back
         10000  PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature
         17500  PenFed Power Cash Rewards Visa Signature

          9100  Chase Freedom Flex World Elite Mastercard

          9000  Wells Fargo Active Cash Visa Signature

+       +11300  FNBO Evergreen Rewards Visa Signature

$15370  $88500

EQ8 773, TU8 771, EX8 768 as of June 23
AZE3 - 1% Utl - New Accts: 2/6, 3/12, 7/24
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Re: January 2022 Check-In Thread

@Junejer wrote:

If used car prices go back to normal . . .

I was (am, still, sort of) shopping for a used Corvette. The shortage of new cars has driven up the prices on used cars. Even at the current prices that seem crazy these days, they don't sit on dealers lots very long.

EQ8 773, TU8 771, EX8 768 as of June 23
AZE3 - 1% Utl - New Accts: 2/6, 3/12, 7/24
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Re: January 2022 Check-In Thread

@Junejer wrote:

@CramEiko wrote:

A Barclay Aviator Red with a 60k mile sub and a $20k CL did my garden in..... Now, Just waiting for the moment when international travel wont look so crazy with some long quarantine times. My friend flew back to China from Dallas in October. Mandatory Quarantine 21 days in a government supervised hotel plus an additional 7 days once arriving at home. No Thanks!

Well, it sounds like a card you wanted, so was worth killing off a few plants. You can get back in and start gardening again.

Right. It was so hard to get to 24 + months of no inquiries at all. I made it about about 30 months.... I'll blame it on Covid too.. It killed my garden..... now i have to start just past seed again.. 

Updated Feb 2023:
Citi Double Cash: $26,300
Citi Costco: $33,800
PenFed Power Cash: $50,000
Chase Freedom Unlimited: $33,400
NFCU Cash Rewards: $29,000
BoA Unlimited Cash: $99,900
Wells Fargo Active Cash: $50,000
Citi AAdvantage Executive: $30,500
Wells Fargo Mortgage 30yr fixed 3.625%

Business Cards:
BoA Business Advantage Unlimited Cash: $8,000
Chase Ink Business Unlimited: $75,000
Chase Ink Business Unlimited: $75,000

RIP: EECU PLOC | BBVA PLOC | Chase SP | Chase Amazon | Chase Freedom | WF Propel | Cap1 QS | AMEX Gold | BoA Custom Cash | Lowes | Barclays Aviator Red
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Re: January 2022 Check-In Thread

Hit a month the 15th. I am down many inqs now. I am in the garden till January 2024. My last inq was December 15th, 2021 Current Inqs and card dates are in the siggy. Hopefully after these next two-ish years I can finally get back in with Discover. Also need to get these inqs lowered because May 2024 I can get a traditional AMEX again since I will be 5year 1month for the Amex BK7 rule (Did not iib AMEX) Good luck everyone

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Re: January 2022 Check-In Thread

My goal for this year to continue my 1 year streak of no missed payments and my monthly habit of paying down balances in full each month.  My goal is to reach 720 this year. I know time is a huge factor but we shall see. Oh also to be able to get approved on a mortgage this year. 

Starting Score: 661
Current Score: 677
Goal Score: 720

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Re: January 2022 Check-In Thread

@VanderSnoot wrote:

My goals for 2022 are to 1) garden and 2) streamline my lineup. Although I don't have any junk cards, there are two sock drawer accounts I will close this weekend, and by the end of January I'll have decided whether to forego AmEx for Chase or wait another year.

It's EOM, and here's the update. First, I closed the two SD accounts, and I have to say, it feels good to no longer think about these two outlying lenders. Even my phone feels lighter not having their apps cluttering my folder. Second, I called Amex on the three AF cards that don't provide value given my spend. 1) I got a decent retention offer on the most expensive card, so I'm keeping it for another year. 2) I PC'ed the co-branded card to the free version. 3) I had already decided to keep the third card for another year (it marginally pays off), but I checked for a retention offer just in case I could get lucky. No dice.


Still winning at the garden show, though. On on!

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Re: January 2022 Check-In Thread

See ya later January 2022!  Time flew by quicker than normal it seems...weird.  Everyone kutgw!

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