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July 2015 Check-in Thread

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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread

I haven't checked in in a few life situation has changed a bit since I first joined the challenge. Long story short, my DH and I are getting divorced. I've been paying for more than I bargained for since April when this all started, and my financial situation has suffered a bit. BUT the good news is that I am in the process of selling my wedding ring, wedding dress, and a few other smaller things so I'm hoping that will help me pay down a lot of things. I am also planning on moving in with my folks for a bit once my lease is up. My goal is to pay off everything except my student loans and one credit card by December 2016. My ex was not very interested in paying down debt; he was more interested in buying what we couldn't afford on credit cards with the idea that we could pay for it later. Unfortunately I did not stop him and now I am paying for it, but I feel motivated to get out of this hole and get my financial life in shape. My credit score is still rather low, but I have taken up a second job and have managed not to miss any payments yet so it's all just debt. My goal for this fitness challenge is to pay off 4 credit cards: Victoria's Secret, Car Care One, Firestone (a joint card already closed), and Rooms To Go. If I manage to sell my ring for a decent price, I can possibly pay off 2 more cards. Good luck to everyone in the challenge!




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