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July 2017 Check-In Thread

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July 2017 Check-In Thread


I know you are all hard at work with your credit goals.  Have you progressed as far as you hoped?  Were there any unforseen expenses that cropped up and may have thrown you off schedule?


As a reminder, participation in these monthly checkins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. This is a no-judge zone; feel free to say what's keeping you up at night or give yourself a kudo for having it all together.


Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps? Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones?


Let us know how you're doing! 

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Re: July 2017 Check-In Thread

Staying the course with my scores and laying in the summer garden soaking up some rays and enjoying the benefits of good credit. It was a long journey back from the big one in 2001. Feels good to be solid again!
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Current Score: 850
Goal Score: 850

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Re: July 2017 Check-In Thread

Roasting my brains in the Arizona summer - but since January all 3 scores are up from the 500's and are now in the 700's and my new home is under construction.

4/1/2017 EQ 579 TU 595 EX588
9/20/2018 EQ 810 TU 807 EX 795
6/12/19 EQ 820 TU /789 EX 793
12/13/2019 EQ 835 TU 813 EX 810 Finally made it into the 800 club on all 3 Bureaus - only took 25 years.
8/29/2020 EX 776 EQ 761 TU 768 - I paid off my mortgage and car loan and am debt free forever, and FICO threw me out of the 800 club as a reward
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Re: July 2017 Check-In Thread

I am hard at work.  A lot of progress and movement although Experian keeps moving upward and then downward.  My hopes are to qualify for a real credit card and have my secured card go to regular card.  I will be back in Sept 2017 prayerfully with greater news.

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Current Score: 607
Goal Score: 700

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Re: July 2017 Check-In Thread

  1. Garden - Since I stepped out of the garden to apply for the now discontinued BBR, I haven't returned. Once the home improvement projects are complete, I will return.
  2. Increase CL on a few cards - I was approved for the Wells Fargo Home Improvement Visa. Still no CLI Heart from Discover.
  3. Combine Cap 1 accounts - Nothing new to report.
  4. Reduce utilization - I'm still chipping away @ my largest balance with weekly payments: -$3K
  5. Reduce frivolous spending - I had a set back this week, but I'm working towards eradicating this behavior.
  6. Reduce inquiries - 4 inquiries fall off this month

I got another upgrade request on my BCE and another NextStep Loan offer. I won't be doing the upgrade because we don't have enough "supermarket" spend to justify the annual fee for us. We do most of our grocery shopping @ Walmart. The jury is still out on the NextStep Loan.


Stay positive & focused so we can meet our goals!!Smiley Happy

Gardening since 10/01/18 Gardenversary 10/01/20 Score: xx/xx/xx EQ xxx TU xxx EXP xxx
Current Score: 781
Goal Score: 800
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Re: July 2017 Check-In Thread

EQ +4    684 to 688 Steady at 688 689 690 686 686

TU +2    650 to 652 +4 652 to 656 658 662 654 656

EX +26  653 to 679 -2 679 to 677 683 687 687 685


2017 Goals Review:


I created a very simple spreadsheet to replace the lost one, but it does not have nearly the detail/history my first one did. That's okay, I've bounced back! 


1). To garden the cards I got last year post-BK, letting those tradelines age and grow. I am doing well here, haven't apped since NFCU back on 4/12. Haven't been tempted, the only cards I would like are out of reach right now. I just got an auto-CLI from Disco from $3300 to $4200. I will be able to request CLI's on my NFL card and the first one on my QS later this month. Hmmm, something clicked, and I decided not to drive my Honda until the wheels come off. Like Anusara, I stepped out of the garden. I got approved for a $30000 auto loan from NFCU at 2.69% for 72 months. Hope to pay it off well ahead of schedule, but I'd be lying if I said having a considerable car payment isn't hovering over me a little. But, I got what I am calling my bucket vehicle. It's a Trail Rated Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I love it! Got a pre-qual, finally, from Cap1 pretty much my choice of their cards. Got the Venture with a $15000 SL. In the garden again, and only plan to step out if NFCU does a HP when I request a CLI, probably in early August.

2). To continue to manage utilization and reported balances. Overall utilization still going down, even though I charged a jetBlue vacation on my jetBlue Plus! Paid it down within a week. Still paying down, but got big help from the Venture approval.

3). To watch my inquiries drop from EQ 6, TU 5, EX 8 down to EQ 3, TU4, EX 4 by June. Currently EQ 4, TU 7, EX 6. On track to Shouldbe EQ 3, TU 6, EX 5 in June nowI go off of my Experian report since myFICO only shows inquiries in the last 12 months. In three days I'll be able to confirm that it at least came off EX. Dropped off and then replaced with new ones. Added EQ for NFCU auto loan, the dreaded Cap1 triple for Venture, then EX because the dealer did a HP even though I had a loan already. Also, had two what the heck CC apps that were denied, FNBO Jeep MC and BofA both pulled EX.

4). To pay an extra $100/month on my highest balance and highest interest student loan, which is upside down due to interest accruing while in deferment (I know I should have paid it as I went, but the BK and events leading up to didn't allow for that). Only $470 to go to get my loan above water. I'm over half way there. Still hope to hold to the plan.

5). To continue saving about 10% of my gross income each month.Just re-upped my saving direct deposit from 9% of my monthly gross to 13%. That will drop to a lower percentage (but still well north of 10%) when I get my pay increase in July,....a good problem to have! And I want to make it even higher not too far down the road. Will continue.

6). To hopefully see my three FICO 8 scores hit 700's across the board. Getting closer! See score update at top. TU and EQ dropped points because I used my VS for a $60 purchase after not using it for 6 months. Seriously, not a joke, it happened. But at least my increased CL was reported, which is why I made a point to make a purchase in the first place. I think I will be closing it as soon as it reports a zero balance, though. I don't know now if I will make 700 by the 24 month post-BK mark. So far, my scores are holding even in the face of all this activity. Fingers crossed.


 Wishing everyone, including myself, renewed strength for this journey!  Smiley Happy

Current Scores: EQ 679;TU 647; EX 679 Gardening since 11/7/18
Beginning Scores-- EQ 632; TU 576; EX 619 FICO 08 (06/13/16) - BK7 discharged 11/2015
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Re: July 2017 Check-In Thread

My mortgage scores have continued to inch up.  Apparently I hit some milestone on equifax which bumped that one up 20 points and increased my mid score from 745 to 763.  Outside of that continued to make progress saving money for a downpayment.  


In addition, had some small jumps and crossed 800 on 2/3 FICO 8 scores. Outside of that, theres nothing to really report.  Utilization has remained low at 2% and my last inquiry/account was in December.  


I'm continuing to apply/interview for new positions in my current company and just had no luck so far.  Gotten positive reviews on all the interviews but just haven't been the lucky person yet. 

Starting Score: (3/1/16) EQ/TU/EX 605/619/616
2017 Starting Score: EQ/TU/EX 767/718/749
Current Score (10/8/2017): EQ/TU/EX 811/806/797

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Re: July 2017 Check-In Thread

Well this grinds my gears. Paid off car and an average of 19pt drop followed. To be expected I know and eventually it'll rebound. 

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Re: July 2017 Check-In Thread

Sorry for the late Check in but I been doing some maintenance on my report. I'm still waiting on some disputes to come back. Manage to get my old Merrick Bank Hooters card removed. Everything looking good and on the rise. 

Starting Score: EQ612, TU644, EX622 4-22-17
Current Score: EQ720, TU728, EX705 02-18-18
Goal Score: 750

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Re: July 2017 Check-In Thread

@GStringVioLynn wrote:

Well this grinds my gears. Paid off car and an average of 19pt drop followed. To be expected I know and eventually it'll rebound. 

Guessing it was your last open installment loan?  Shared Secure Loan trick will sort that if you wish.

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