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July 2020 Check In

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Re: July 2020 Check In

Hello buddies!!! A little update... My last paid for delete updated and Experian Fico 8 is now 694.. Equifax fico 8 still 695(6/28) haven't updated yet but Equifax fico 9 is showing 697(7/3).

TransUnion still 700 fico8 until it updates.

No new cards or CLI. I'm working on letting my credit history age...this my friends is really hard!

I'm really enjoying this journey and I know that all of this will pay off in the long run!! Talk to you guys in a few days 🤗

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Re: July 2020 Check In

@Anonymous ... yes account aging is not exciting but, can often sooth the more nervous type lenders. Then, CLIs and new card products benefit from gardening and may include larger CLs out of the shoot Smiley Happy
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Re: July 2020 Check In

Nothing much to report other than my Equifax jumped 11 points due to an inquiry aging, so that's a huge plus!

Capital one 500, Discover 11.1k. UMB Signature visa 18.5k, DW UMB card Auth user 16K. Citi Costco anywhere 26.6k, Amazon Prime 22.3K
BH/Comenity Photo 10k Lowes advantage 35k
AAOA 2y4m, oldest 5 years. 0 collections. 125k income, Util 1% inq 1/12. 1/24. 30/60/90 = 0, No derog's, clean file. Rebuilding started 4 years ago.
Starting Score: 560
Current Score: 795
Goal Score: 850

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Re: July 2020 Check In

Staying focused and just plugging away paying off CC's and paying bills on time.  

Starting Score: 499
Current Score: 640
Goal Score: 850

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Re: July 2020 Check In

@Anonymous Congratulations!  You should be very proud.

Open Credit Cards:
Green Dot Primor Secured (5/18) - $450 CL (CLOSED 2/2020)
Capital One Platinum (8/18) PC to Quicksilver (9/19) - $3800 CL
Capital One QuicksilverOne (3/19) - $4800 CL
Merrick Bank DYL VISA - No AF (6/19) - $1400 CL
Discover it Cash Back (9/19) - $2800 CL
Amazon Prime Store Card (4/20) - $10,000 CL
NFCU cashRewards (4/20) - $4500 CL
BB&T Spectrum Cash Rewards (5/20) - $3500 CL
Navy Federal More Rewards American Express® Card (3/21) - $9700 SL - at 9.65 %.
Experian FICO Score - 8/2018: 528

Experian FICO 8 Score - 9/2022 - 720
Equifax FICO 8 score 2/2022- 692
TransUnion FICO 8 score 10/2022 - 728
Experian FICO Mortgage Score - 725
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Re: July 2020 Check In

@Jannelo Thank You!! I am loving this challenge and seeing everyone's growth!!

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Re: July 2020 Check In

I met my goals again this month.  They were: stay healthy; stay employed; bring aggregate utilization under 10%.  I also hoped for CLIs on two cards.


July was a better month than I expected on the CLI front.  Instead of two, I got three!  TCL increased by $14k.  Thanks BofA, Amex and NFCU!


My utilization sits at 9.3%, so I haven't yet received the FICO score bump from going under 9%.  Getting there is a goal for the month ahead.  

I don't plan to go very much under 9%. All of my revolving CC balances are interest free for the next several months, so I'm going to stockpile cash for a while instead of paying those down any further.  


All my FICO scores are slowly creeping up, by single digits each month.  That's a nice reward for staying in the garden and driving my Util down.  


Goals for the month ahead: Stay healthy; stay employed; stay in the garden; get Util under 9%. There's a slim chance I'll get another CLI from BofA, but that goes in the "nice to have" category, rather than goals.

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