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June 2018 Check-In Thread

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

You're amazing. Thank you!

Starting FICO 8 Scores [01/01/17]

Current FICO 8 Scores [03/04/20]

Total Credit Available: $52,600
Current Total Balance Across All Cards: $1,350
Current Utilization: 2.56%

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Checking in.  Happy to say that I’m close to my goal score of 800 on all 3.  Only thing holding me down is my AAoA.  So, now I’m just trying to avoid adding new tradelines.  I’ll consider something lucrative if it comes along, but I’m going to be extremely picky.

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Since i only just started this challenge at the end of May, there are no changes to my scores.


However, i have been working on my derogs (2 late payments with Capital One from a '16 and '17; and two collections - one utility and the other a medical)

As for the Goodwill email i sent to Cap One, i got a call from the executive office today to discuss the update/removal of the two late payments.  Should be getting a response one way or the other soon.  Hoping that will help with the scores.


Also Settled with a collection agency (Pay for Delete).  Expecting a little bump here as well.


I'm SO GRATEFUL for these forums.  i've been on the outisde looking in, taking advice wherever i can find it.


started with 540's across the board in '16 when i finally decided to stop being an idiot and focussing on these things.

Won't stop till i'm where i need to be.


thanks everyone.

What I’m working with:

Primary Cards:

Authorized User Cards:

Installment Loans:

Starting: May 25, 2018
Starting FICO 8 Scores:

August 1, 2018
Current FICO 8 Scores:

Goal December 31, 2018
FICO 8 Score:

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

I am new to these forums. My husband & I have both been working on improving our credit scores. 


Goals for June:


1) Pay off only account in collections. (Did this today)

2) Start work on a formal budget.

3) Pay off one of the devices on my cell phone bill.

4) Start research on credit cards. I intend to apply in 2-3 months once the collection account is resolved.




Starting Score: 652
Current Score: 677
Goal Score: 800

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Aimed card lineup (In order): Discover It || AMEX BCE || Amazon Prime Visa || Citi DC || Chase CSR || Costco Citi Visa

In-hand: Discover It || AMEX BCE || Amazon Prime Visa

In-process: Citi DC, 7 - 10 day notice

Strategy adopted (While PIF): Apply - Garden - Repeat

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Keep up the good work........ #YouGotThis

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Things have been rather slow this month as I worked on the last 2 bad things on my reports, both are due to come off 12/18 so I am playing the waiting game.  I still want to look at PenFed to refinance my auto loan and noticed this morning when I pulled my updated 3 credit report that the website says I would qualify for the best rates, so I might go ahead and look into that now rather than waiting any longer.


Scores for May were

EQ 667

TU 654

EX 707


June Scores are

EQ 681 (+14)

TU 673 (+19)

EX 710 (+3)


As you know my second goal was working on my total CL and to get it to $100K.  I didn't do anything this past month as I was letting everything report to see what it would do to my scores before doing anything.  I did get to small bumps on my smallest cards that were automatic that I didn't request so no HP on them.  I am sitting at $86,350 so I feel good about being able to get to the 100K this year as I will be able to request CLI from NFCU, CO, AX and Chase x2 before the end of the year.


Again I would like to Thank everyone here for sharing their knowledge and experince.  To show how it helped me again, yesterday morning I was looking at my AX account and noticed that I was pre-approved for their new the past I would have jumped all over it, but instead I came to the site and read what everyone was saying about the offer and the card.  From everyone's feed back I didn't apply for it because they made it clear to me that there are better reward cards out there.


Thanks again!

Starting Score: EQ 659 TU 698 EX 701
Current Score: EQ 684 TU 782 EX 707
Goal Score: 750

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Equifax Feb. 2017      402          June 2018    496


TransUnion  Feb. 2017   498     June 2018   550


Experian Feb. 2017  496            June 2018    536

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

There's a program that is called Credit Secrets that can help you knock out ALL those collections and get your scores up really fast.


When a bill goes to collections, according to the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), you no longer owe it because the original creditor

wrote it off and sold it to a collection agency, however, when it was sold, the contract that you signed with the original creditor, CANNOT BE

SOLD WITH THE CHARGE OFF AMOUNT.  Meaning: You do not owe a collection agency because you do not have a signed contract with them, unless you have called them and made an arrangement to pay. Once you make that arrangement, they WILL have a binding contract.


Check it out at

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Balance Transfer of $6500(+/-) successful

Down to two credit cards (from four) with balances (including balance transfer card)

No new inquiries/accounts Smiley Happy


Next goal(s):

1. Pay balance transfer card down to at least 30% [$3000 (+/-)] by Xmas

2. Student Loans!!


Good luck everyone! Let's keep pushing!

Starting Score: 615
Current Score: 660
Goal Score: 770

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