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June 2018 Check-In Thread

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Checking in to say that AMEX increased my Cash Magnet from $8,000 to $20,000 (SP). This will definitely sate my appetite so I can stay in the garden until next year without applying for any new credit.


...Or end of the year

...or next month

*sigh* lets just see how long this holds me over Smiley Very Happy

STATUS: Gardening until October 30, 2019
CURRENT FAVORITE CARD: American Express Rose Gold Card
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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Welp. My Chapter 7 fell off Experian.  It will be 10 years in August. My Ex score fell by 40 points overnight when this happened. I have an Experian account, so I logged and pulled the report from the week before the BK was removed, refreshed my membership, and pulled a report from the day of removal. Absolutely nothing changed but the bankroutcy being removed.

Also, I accidentally went over the limit with one of my capital one cards, so another drop in scores from that. The limit is low on that card and I forgot about the annual fee being charged...and It reported before I made payment. 

On to next month!
I have paid off 2 Comenity cards, Overstock & F21, nearly to ZERO. My plan is to make small purchases, pay off, leave few dollars as a balance. Has not reported yet.

Continuing on working on lowering my utilization on my bank cards.
EQ 612
TU 636
EX 598

Goal: Pay off all the sub prime cards I opened and get my utilization down.
Scores 10/02/18: TU 638, EX 601, EQ 605
Scores 10/16/18: TU 671, EX 637, EQ 638
Scores 11/01/18: TU 682, EX 651, EQ 647
Trying to get into the 700s club, I hear they have the best margaritas
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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

I just applied for my first Amex, and got approved for two of their cards, $6000 and $2000 CL. Then I applied for a Discover It card, and got $1800! Also got a $5500 IKEA projekt account. That’s over 10k in credit in two days. These are my first accounts I’ve opened in over a year, and I’m not opening any more for at least another year.
Ikea Projekt $8k; Overstock $4.5k; Wayfair 1:k; Amex Everyday: $6k; Amex Cash Magnet $2k; DiscoverIt $1.8k; CreditOne $1.4k; Capital One Quicksilver One $600; Capital One Quicksilver One $700; Indigo $300
Starting Score: 553
Current Score: 667
Goal Score: 750

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Hi I am new here. Haven’t figured out how to do the signature card. 


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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Haven't check in since April, this one is overdue.


  • Ultimate goal, 850 score by 2021
  • Buy new home in ATL 2021 (relocating)
  • Buy Rental Property in Current city 2023
  • Have 6 months livings expenses in savings by June 2019
  • 775 score by end of 2018 (I think that's the best I can do with the BK and baddies)


  • BK7 (2011) and that seems to be preventing some of my forward progress.
  • 3 Baddies that I am currently disputing


  • Try to stay in the Garden for at least the next 6 months (I just got another card a month ago because it was one I really wanted)
  • Work the ABO with my current cards (seems to be working)
  • Keep my usage between 1% and 5%


  • CITI


  • Amex: Everyday, Delta Gold, Plat; Discover IT; Capital One: MC & Visa; Walmart: MC; Credit One: Visa; Open Sky: Visa and *9 store cards.

* Not sure if I should close some of the store cards.  I rotate using them so they stay open.  Mostly they stay at zero balance.  When I use them I immediately pay them off.


Feedback welcome and appreciated.

Starting Score:554EQ, 560EX, 563TU
Last Check In Score:682EQ, 678EX, 689TU
Current Score:704EQ, 704EX, 700TU
Goal Score:775+

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Go here:

Starting Score:554EQ, 560EX, 563TU
Last Check In Score:682EQ, 678EX, 689TU
Current Score:704EQ, 704EX, 700TU
Goal Score:775+

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Checking in after too long an absence.


I wandered off the reservation after my gig fell apart in December of last year, and my credit defense plan worked 95% except for one account that I should've closed years ago, didn't support autopay, and an old recurring charge landed on it unnoticed and the rest I switched into a deliquency scorecard for all FICO scores.


Bye bye 800+ scores, back down into low 700's on most models including sub 700 on EQ FICO 5 (sigh this model has always hated me since the dawn of time).


So in process of cleaning up my life, rejoining the forum (and kicked that damned account to the curb and I will flatly refuse to use any card hwich doesn't support autopay in the future) and I get to restart another 7 year clock.  Yay.


Anyway my goals at this point are just to let my scores recovered; happened at a bad time as my Tesla model 3 reservation just came up for the options I wanted (AWD, Long Range) and pulled the trigger with the second round deposit... have a few months to get that late aging which might make a difference on some scores, but other than the impending round of auto financing inquiries nothing else is planned on the horizon.


Ah well, like always, make a plan, be smart about it, and if you have things which you're just stupid about, make defense plans such that they don't impact your credit or financial life.

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