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June 2018 Check-In Thread

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June 2018 Check-In Thread



I know you are all hard at work with your credit goals.  Have you progressed as far as you hoped?  Were there any unforseen expenses that cropped up and may have thrown you off schedule?


As a reminder, participation in these monthly checkins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. This is a judgement free zone. Feel free to say what's keeping you up at night or give yourself a kudo for having it all together.


Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps? Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones?


Let us know how you're doing! 

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Checking in for June!


I was in the garden for 6 months and applied for my CSP and Diamond Preferred last month and recevied double instant approvals!  Now I am back in the garden for at least a year. I finally feel like I have all of the cards I wants and that feels goooooood Smiley Happy


Current goal is to let HPs age off and to get as many SP CLIs as possible.


Cheers all!

STATUS: Gardening until October 30, 2019
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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

Equifax: 591
Tu: 582
Experian: 597
 Starting Score: 597
Current Score: 597
Goal Score: 697
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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

1) Get all unpaid collections paid by 5/1/18. I still have 2 that arent paid. Thinking about getting a loan to take care of them plus a seperate payment agreement on a different debt that isnt on my report. I am pulling my hair out over these accounts. 

2) Get old paid collections removed with GW letters. There are three accounts I am focused on. I send out GW letters to student loan servicer to get late payments on three accounts removed. One letter to Get It Now to have a voluntary repo removed. One to a paid creditor to remove collection account. Still no success on these BUT I did get a PFD on two other collection accounts

3) Get two accounts that are past SOL removedAchieved in May

4) Maintain less than 10% utilization on Rev accounts. Went from 53% in April to 14% for June

5) Get mortgage scores up to 620. When May Scores Drop beginning of June I'd like to see at least a 15pt increase across my scores. Got close to a 15 pt increase across my mortgage scores.  EQ was a 12pt increase, EX 49pt increase! and TU was a 12 pt increase. 

              April Mortgage Scores: Ex 537  TU 592  EQ 578       May Mortgage Scores  EX 558 (+21)  TU  589 (-3)  EQ 601 (+23)                                                            June Mortgage Scores  EX 607 (+49)  TU 601(+12)  EQ 613(+12)


*New Goal 6) See 10pt increase in Fico 8 Scores across the board for next report drop on 6/2/18.

            April Scores EX 599  TU 602  EQ 609           May EX  611(+12)   TU 613 (+11)  EQ 608 (-1)         June Goals    EX  621  TU  623   EQ  618 

                                                 June Scores EX 620 (+9)  TU 609 (-4)  EQ 623 (+15)

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

New member here. I didn’t even know this forum existed but I came across it from researching if I could get approved for a Discover IT. I finally bit it after prequalifying thru their website and got approved 30 mins ago. I dunno the SL because the website is “performing maintenance.” I’m not expecting anything big. Just wanted to get in and build from there. Working on getting in the 750s and goal is 800. Discover will be my last for a long while. Wifey wants to get a line of credit to update the bathrooms in the house and use some to pay off her high interest CCs.
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PenFed 20K
US Bank Cash + $21,500
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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

I posted this in the May Check-In thread but I think it should actually go here:


My progress for May 2018


Starting TU FICO8 Score: 597


Actions taken:

  • Opened a new store card with $300 credit limit. I thought it would be a soft pull using the Shopping Cart Trick, but it went through as a hard pull. This new card is my second card, so I now have $700 total in available credit.
  • Successfully did a PFD with one collection agency. He says it should be off my record by the end of June, so it's still showing for now. That was one of two collection accounts I had on my report.
  • Wrote a GW letter to my mortgage company requesting some leniency with my late payment record on my account. I went through a hard time and almost was foreclosed on, but I was able to work with their retention center to save my home. Since then I've made 18 monthly payments on time. Six days after mailing the letter I got a call back from them letting me know they received my letter and they will work on it, and they will call me back in 7-10 days to let me know. Fingers crossed!

Ending TU FICO8 Score: 601


Goals for June:

  • Increase the spending limit on my secured Discover IT card to $700, leaving me with overall credit available of $1000
  • Hopefully hear back from my mortgage company that they were able to adjust some of my negative notations
  • Hopefully that collection account that I PFD will be gone
  • Try emailing a GW Letter to an old auto loan account. It has been paid off for years but shows one single 30-day late payment in January 2012. I'm not sure they will do anything or if it will even matter much but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

I haven't done an goal one for my hubby whose account I am also working on. So to be fun and fair here is his starting info.


Started April 4, 2018 Scores

 Fico 8: EX 505   TU 543   EQ 484

Mortgage: EX  494  TU 512  EQ 548


Current June 4, 2018 Scores

Fico 8:  EX 581 (+76)  TU 581 (+38)  EQ 569 (+85) 

Mortgage  EX 577 (+83)  TU 598 (+86)  EQ 582 (+34)


We have made HUGE gains on my husbands credit score. We are hoping to get a mortgage in August at the latest,  but we will see how that goes. We have 2 more months to get his mortgage score to a 620. With good progress we may be able to make it or at least get really close. I was able to get 3 collections removed through GW letters, 1 removed for PFD, and was able to set up payment arrangements on a closed account. We were able to get his student loan out of default through consolidation. The collection status was able to be removed and the accounts are just closed now. We then paid off the consolidation and are still waiting for the department of education to update his credit report with his paid status on his student loans that were paid off in April.  

He has 1 medical collection that is still sitting on Equifax's report for a medical bill that was covered under insurance. We also just got a new medical collection that popped up a couple weeks ago for some medical bill from 2012. I still have 2 other collection accounts to get taken care of and his collections will be at 0. 

I am so happy with all the progress we have made on his credit. He is so excited too. He hasnt been over a 550 in almost a decade. We got our crap together a year ago and have been working hard the last 2 months to get our credit cleaned up. His report has had massive gains. Mine is still sitting just over 600 but I started out with a higher score than he had already so it's okay. I am still making progress. 

He has 2 revolving credit accounts he is an AU on and 1 he got on his own (store card). Once his student loan goes paid we will have to get him a loan to balance out his credit types. 


KFX for more progess over this month so that our July scores are even better!

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread


@buildingafuture I was able to get 3 collections removed through GW letters

Can you share the letter you used? That's a great success and I have a couple nasties I am working on removing. Thank you.

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

TU = 804, EQ = 766, EX = 789.

Fell off the wagon last month. Needed new tires and Goodyear had an extra $80 credit (payable in the form of a pre-paid DR card) with my name on it. So, I applied. Not sorry. Goodyear was my second credit card many years ago. It was on my list of CC to get again.

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Re: June 2018 Check-In Thread

@moosemoney wrote:


@buildingafuture I was able to get 3 collections removed through GW letters

Can you share the letter you used? That's a great success and I have a couple nasties I am working on removing. Thank you.

I copied over the letters I created. I would just change the company info for each one I sent out. I can say that I had better success with emailing than I did writing but I did both to cover more ground. Hope this helps. 


Company Name



RE: Account:

Account Number:

Amount Status:




To whom it may concern,


I am writing in reference to the above mentioned account. I want to thank you for quickly settling this account with me. As the credit furnisher you are able to report the account as you deem necessary, for that reason I am writing to respectfully ask for a goodwill adjustment to my credit profile for this account. I would appreciate it if (company) would remove this account from the three credit reporting agencies.  

I understand that it can be difficult to justify such an adjustment and want to assure you that I have adjusted my own finances to better manage and pay my accounts on time. I have worked hard to correct my deficit in financial management and savings plans. This allows me to not only pay my bills on time, but also better prepare for any unexpected hardships to prevent this situation again.

I hope that you can sympathize with my request and grant this goodwill adjustment. I would highly appreciate this accomodation to my credit profile.


Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response,

Your Name

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