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June 2019 Check-In Thread

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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

Happy June, y'all!

I held fast to my no-CCT May, so from 4/14 until 6/1 I only knew what my EX/TU were in snapshots.
I was going to wait until the 8th (after most of my accouts shake out) to check my score, but with AOYA posting at 3 months, I was going to hope to join the 700 club, which I did - YAY!

Thank you AMEX, for reporting "late" with the new account Smiley Happy
This month is nothing special, I should be gardening for a good little while, next month should be more interesting.

Financial goals are still on target, so I'm happy with that Smiley Happy

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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

@calyx wrote:

Thank you AMEX, for reporting "late" with the new account Smiley Happy

I hope Cap1 does the far, so good.  Congrats on the 700's!!

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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

May was a good month for me, right now I am gardening until the end of 2019, maybe more.. expecting about 8 baddies to age off by then and then see where I sit..WIll still have two baddies from 2016 (Ford and Navient) and another in 2017 (LVNV), looks like I might have to just let them age off.. focus is to pay off $2000 personal loan and let my 3 CCs age..


WIll need a new car soon so trying to get my scores above 660 and the 2012 baddies to drop before my current car dies..

Begin of Journey ( 9/2018) EX 508 TU 506 EQ 498

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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

Hit the 700 club. (See signature)

Focusing on mtg scores for house hunting and app next year

To do:

June: Amex 61 day CLI and continue to push BOA CLI with improved scores

July: pay off the last CO stud. Loan so there will be no more “past due accounts” reporting and no CO balances!

Aug: pay off a closed discover cc that I have 1% interest payment plan, not a CO.

Oct: pay off 2nd car loan

Nov: AZEO pay down Amex to hit below 8.9%

Save save save

April 2020 mortgage app
Starting Score: 652/644/654 (March 2019)
Current Score: 729/745/745
Goal Score: 720

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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

Well, my scores are growing!
Eq 692, Ex 637, TU 610
Since March 2018, I have gotten 3 new cc's: Capital One Qicksilver One $300CL , Credit One (whack) $300 CL, and Capital One Platinum $550 CL
I am an AU on my moms Kohls card and she has a high usage, keeping "us" in the red. Will it kill my scores to remove myself from this account?
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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

Starpower: depends what the utilization is and how old it is.

Generally speaking I would dump an AU that has either a delinquency or high utilization on personally as those are the two biggest score killers; generally speaking with a year or more your FICO 8 scores could definitely be higher assuming you don’t have any lates or worse... so it seems reasonable to get rid of the AU.

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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

I finally updated my scores today.
I took a hit from my BBVA card reporting for the first time but the scores are already recovering.
EX is still down 16 points over last month. These are setbacks that I'm okay with, as they are temporary and should give me a boost over time.
The goal is not to app for anything between now and October, at the earliest.
I'm trying to balance aging my profile with building my profile of preferred cards.
I'm looking to get rid of my QS1 this December, right before the AF hits and I'd like to add an Amex.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with my progress.

This move is a bit more costly than I had reckoned but I'm hoping to recover from that fairly quickly as well.

Happy June! 🌞
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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

Hi all! A bit late checking in but I'm here. A lot happened in May and hopefully I can make even more progress in June. I wrote a goodwill letter to Sallie Mae hoping that they will delete the closed account (I settled with them almost two years ago). I also wrote a goodwill letter to Capital One. I know it's a long shot but if they could remove a 30 day late from Jan 2018 that would be so helpful. I've also decided to settle my medical collection as they said they delete whether or I settle or PIF. The strangest thing happened, though. I called to verify which office the debt was from and the guy told me not only which office but the exact procedures. I felt uncomfortable with him knowning so much about my medical history. I thought collections agencies weren't privileged to that information but I guess I'm wrong. Lastly, my Discover secured started reporting and my scores are now 600+ across all agencies Smiley Happy


Here's to June! I hope we're able to conquer all that we set out to achieve!

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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

Thanks Revaluate! Utilization is at 89% and its 3 yrs old. After looking at my credit report, this Kohls card has never had a positive impact on my scores, so I will be removing myself as an AU.
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Re: June 2019 Check-In Thread

Hello to all!


I am new to the forum and thread however reading posts and replies on all different topics regarding credit, scores etc has been so motivating and inspirational.  Ive come a long way as a single mother who has always worked and been in school.  I hope to gain knowledge and education regarding my credit and achieiving financial freedom.  I just purchased my first home April 2019 at the age of 31.  I feel like im on track however I know my credit and my scores can be way better.  Im shooting for 750s across the board at this moment.  Below is my progress thus far.  


November 2017 FICO 8

EQ 451

EX 493

TU 507


December 2017 FICO 8

EQ 503

EX 519 

TU 567


June 2019 FICO 8 

EQ 618

EX 607

TU 607


JUNE 2019 FICO 9

EQ 616

EX 575

TU 555


Credit cards/Credit 


Capital one unsecured 500 CL

Fortiva Bank unsecured 1,000 CL

Fortiva RETAIL unsecured 2,000 CL

NFCU Cash Rewards unsecured 8200 CL 



NFCU rewards Secured 300 CL

Conns 10,000 CL (furniture)

Discover it Secured 400 CL

CITI bank Secured 300 CL




Was just approved for:

NFCU Amex 4,500 hoping to get an increase after 91 days.

Target REDcard:  300.00

Ebay MC:  500.00

Walmart store card: 200.00




 I have made a HUGE amount of progress since last year.  This time last year Banks would laugh if I went to apply for credit cards/credit.  I am looking to continue my credit repairing process and I hope to reach 700 by the end of the year.  


Blessings to all!




Im Gardening for the next year and a half!  Wish me luck its hard not to inquire once ive realized my credit is improving.  It takes patience and willpower. 



Starting Score: 480
Current Score: 620
Goal Score: 750

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