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June 2020 Check-In Thread

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Re: June 2020 Check-In Thread

@Anonymous wrote:


Left to work on:




* finally deal with the IRS (eek!)


Panic emoticon           EEk!!!!!!!!!!!        JUST KIDDING! 

.....and this time next year you'll have met your goals (U & SO's) no doubt, you've got a well laid out plan.

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Re: June 2020 Check-In Thread

@GApeachy wrote:


Kind of exciting to do NOTHING but age Smiley Tongue


Welp, that turned out to be a lie.  Maybe July will be my month.

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Re: June 2020 Check-In Thread

That big bump was finishing the rehab.
Getting the default TLs off my report was a nice 50+ points across the board.


And even though the current balance was greater than the original balance, when the new back-dated TL hit my report I got a nice little 5 point bump also.

Rehabbing that loan was the best thing I've done.


Wish I had done it sooner!

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Re: June 2020 Check-In Thread

@Anonymous wrote:

Aw June is "bustin' out all over" with summer. Time to look at our accomplishments and fine tune our goals

Got all my scores back after my test of AZEO which raised havoc with my years of working toward good scores. Will leave a small balance every month now.

As to what I said previously, I closed my last Barclay Bank Card on June 1, 2020 since it did not have rewards and as much was of no use to me. Over time I have been weeding the flock down to what I can use and benefit from.

For the future I may have another card closure but nothing jumps out at me today.

Wish all of you the best as you move ahead in the MyFico Challenge! Smiley Happy

Small balance all cards > AZEO ?

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