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June Check in Thread

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Re: June Check in Thread

I started the challenge when I found this forum in mid February of this year and this is my first check-in.  Now, just 4 months later, I have successfully removed 19 negative items!  This was a combination of PFD, GW, and disputing inaccuracies.  I set a goal of being 720+ (as reported here) and having a few prime credit cards by the end of the year.  As of today, I've hit those goals!!!


Unfortunately, the "active" part of my repair is coming to and end and the only thing that can take me to my new goal of 780+ is time, patience, and restraint....definitely not my strongest traits, lol!


This forum is pure gold when it comes to credit recovery and management.  The helpful and knowledgeable community here has significantly changed my life and put me back on track faster than I could have ever hoped for!  Thanks, again, everyone and see you in the garden!

My credit repair journey started in December 2013 with an EX of 568.
Oct 2014: 715EQ (myFICO)

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