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March 2023 Check In Thread

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Re: March 2023 Check In Thread

I have everything I need after my recent 2 apps and my rebuild journey has me in a good place. I owe it all to this community and its members. The guidance in the early post discharge days was invaluable in setting me up for a successful rebuild. My BK will drop off CR a little over a year from now ( EE TU 3/23) and I plan to garden indefininetly. What a turn-around it's been Smiley Happy

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Re: March 2023 Check In Thread

I'm starting the challenge officially today, however, I have taken some steps towards my 2023 goals.


1) I paid my Capital One Spark card down to $0 this past week. Unfortunately, because I paid towards the end of the payment cycle, I was charged interest anyway. I made the interest payment this morning. I should see the minimal balance report from the interest this month. Waiting to see the effect from bringing my utilization down to less than 1% on that card.

2) I also sent a godwill request for the removal of late payments given the circumstances that caused them - waiting to hear back.



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