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May 2016 Check-In Thread

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Guys! Struggles!! Need all tips and advise.

So... my CURRENT score is 553 (experian)

I am hoping to get up to 650 by fall, I know its soon, but anything will be better.  I'm looking to get a new car and do NOT want to walk away vehicle less Smiley Sad



So.. a little bit more information about me....

I currently have 89% usage on my 2 credit cards - 1,000 limit (between the two)

*** I plan to pay this down, within the next 4 weeks... just waiting for a trip to end.


I currently have 6 inquires (some of them, I don't even know who they are... such as "Factual Data")... 


I have 4 lates ... one of them is from one of my credit cards during a really rough patch about 6 months ago. (I recently sent a letter to capital one asking for a goodwill forgiveness.. still have not heard back)

I have a couple of "deliquent" marks - all but one has been paid off.

Before paying off I been trying to find a way to negotiate with them.  I owe them 525 - which I can afford right now - but would rather wait until I know it will give me a lot of extra points.


ANY & ALL advise would help - I can provide any information you guys may need to give me most accurate advise. 

May 2016
Experian 550
Equifax 566
TransUnion 591
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Re: May 2016 Check-In Thread

May 16 Check In

 - Current UTI is still at 1% with less than $50 reporting in credit card debt

 - Hit the halfway mark in paying off my car. Still targeting 9/2016 as the PIF date. $8,184.51 to go.

 - Currently working with OC on medical collections to get them paid and removed.

 - FINALLY got a successful GW removal for an old 30-day late on my JC Penney card from 2013

 - Working with an advocate in the EO office of Wells Fargo to get a 30-day late from my mortgage removed that the Ex-hubs got without notifying. Should have a decision by 5/26

 - Continuing to work with Ex-hubs and the VA to get the mortgage out of my name.

 - Continuing the slow death march of paying off my student loans

 - Still in the garden almost 4 months now

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Re: May 2016 Check-In Thread

I'm doing well and have made good progress. I will not update numbers yet because they have been moving up and some things still have to play out as well as report in the next month.

The hold up I do have and can't do anything about is several late payments in a row on a paid Santander auto loan from 2010. They were 30 day lates. Only baddie I have. While I know they may fall off next year, it's driving me crazy because it is holding up a score that would probably be pushing toward the upper end of the 700's instead of in the lower/mid range.

I don't have a mortgage so I'm probably losing some points there bjt I'm okay with that.

Pushing forward!


Total Credit: $240,100Credit Utilization: 1%AAoA: 5 years, 7 monthsInstallments: Car Lease, Marcus LoanNegatives: 0

LOWES-35k | BOA-32.5k | AMEX-30k | DISC-27.1k | ALLIANT-25k | NFCU-25k | BARC-15k | BBUY-12k | CHASE-10k | WAL-10k | CITI-9.7k | PENFED-9.7k

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