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May 2017 Check-In Thread

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Re: May 2017 Check-In Thread

I've been pleased in the 3 months I began my journey. I originally had a plan of just hitting 700 ATB, and I worked hard on paying down utilization, currently 6% overall, rid some collections, have 1 left across all bureaus, started out with just a Home Depot, Amazon and very subprime card with CL of 300 and $99 fee yrly. Have in these months, received CLI on Amazon (soft pull), app for Cap One Quicksilver One, and a Discover it, both approved. So I'm presently content with the cards I have at present, as they can grow with me. Kissing the subprime goodbye, and gardening officially. I hit my original goal last month and raised goals to 750 ATB, and closing in on those numbers. Not completely AZEO yet and Cap One, which obtained in March has yet to report on any bureaus, should be here shortly, Discover had reported immediately and app'd the same time. Go figure. 


Bumps, our kitchen flooded, I swear mother nature and repairs are keeping me from goals to save $. Don't think next month's check in will be favorable. 

Starting Score: 2/23/2017 Score 8 EQ 651 TU 659 EX 679
Current Score:05/07/2018 Score 8 EQ 783 TU 812 EX 791
Mortgage Scores 04/23/2018 EQ 785 TU 780 EX 778
Goal Score: 760+ ATB FICO 8-Achieved 4/2018, Middle Mortgage Score 760-Achieved 2/2018
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