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May 2019 Check-In Thread

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

Not much credit news expected for May, most of it is more 'financial' stuff...

I started letting my accounts post 'naturally' last month, but messed up a couple of them because I have them on autopay and forgot, so only about half of my accounts are reporting.
I'm not checking my scores beyond what I get for free (TU from Disco and Sync use data from the 29th and 5th, so they're usually within a point or two).   
I got some military records, so I think I'll open an account with NFCU this month (I knew I qualified easily, I just like having the DD214s just in case).
I'm attempting a 'low buy' month to make up for the general accounts devatstation from spring (garden costs + renovation + new car).

Be well, all.   

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

So today i checked my credit reports out, on two of them. Ex and tu. If those two are updated generally eq will be too.

so i see that 3 of the collections have been removed from my report, which leaves me with 1 on all of them. woohoo

I called yesterday about the 972 dollars left on my old car. It seems they have all come to an agreement, and the upper management  

rep reported to the credit bureaus while i was on the phone with her. And she apologized for them not taking care of that sooner. 

This will drop my dti to 18% instead of 35. Thats going to help my report out a great deal. 


Im bout to pay off 3 of my accts this week, which will take my total debt down 350 dollars.Those accts will show "0". Then i can focus on the big amounts i owe on discover and ollo which comes to about 1300 dollars, which will take me about 2 months to complete.


so right now im 687 tran, exp 686 and eq 668. 

im hoping this will put me at the 690 to 700 range. 


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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

Checkin: applied for a few cards chasing SUB’s so beat up my credit a little more than I was planning (not sure how much longer they are going to stick around so decided to swipe two of them).

That said, apparently 1 year old is a thing for lates even on older models, and so is AAOA of 5 years and I broke or tied all my score goals: even EQ FICO 5 which historically hates me kissed 740 this month and that was before I got to 5 years on that one and with a third inquiry that I wasn’t expecting when Citi double pulled me (rude haha).

I didn’t really expect to get to this point before the end of the year on any of the scores I care about and TU FICO 4 is still suspiciously high with a 1 year 1 month old 60D late but w/e small credit mercies haha.

My EX FICO 8 took a hit on the new accounts, need to figure out what happened there but that should be addressed by end of the year.

Don’t have any plans to pick up anything more unless some lender releases some new Godlike card, which only happens every 3-4 years for me so doesn’t seem highly likely... last one was the CSR and it would basically need to supplant that.

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

First, I have to say thank you to this forum and to the transparent members that help new members like me just getting started. 

May is the month I found this awesome site.

I started off in April with a Vantage (Credit Karma) 515 TU score which is now a FICO 671 TU score. I only had 1 cc last month (Cap1) with a $3800 CL. I added 5 authorized user accounts with 100% payment history via my wife. That gave me an extra $18k CL to debt ratio. I needed another primary so after reading numerous successful navy federal cc approval stories I applied today, nervously I might add. Well with a 663 TU score they approved me for a CL of ....(drumroll please) ....$25k @11% 

However I had to call in to request a manual look through my application. That makes my 3800 CL Cap1 look like a baby Smiley Happy 


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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

Checkin: this month has been a bit tough emotionally with a death in the family but I'm determined to stay on track and keep on moving. At the beginning of the month I disputed three accounts (mostly medical and all under $200) got them deleted. On Friday I'm looking forward to opening a Discover secured card and continuing to raise my scores. I've also decided to settle with ERS as they assured me that whether I PIF or settle it will be deleted within 35-45 business days. The account was orginally from an old AT&T bill so I'm looking forward to that, too. I'm going to request a CLI from CapOne again (although they always deny me) as I've been stuck at $300 since I opened the account. My own fault as I essentially used it like a debit card back in college when I first got it. I've been good for the past two years and I was even able to PC it to a Quicksilver but they still won't show any love. Hopefully once I pay this month's balance before the statement date I can request a CLI and actually get it. Slowly but surely I'm getting there!

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

Crept up just a little closer this morning.......reached 774.


I am only 26 points away now !!!    


I'm thinking maybe june or July I hit the big 8 double O


Good luck everyone.

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

So... I did a one-month score check and no movement. It looks like I'm holding steady.
I'm a little concerned about a letter that I've gotten from a collection agency recently. It's for tuition. It's from a small, private school that I attended BUT, I took out a student loan and have been paying on that. This "tuition" bill is not right. I'm being double-billed.
I guess I need to write a letter. So not happy about this.
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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

hello this is my very first post i literally just signed up  and i am not sure where or what thread to start at , i do have some questions about what is going on with my situation,  6 revolving accounts  all are at a zero balance and have been for 6 months, i owe 3,979.00 on my auto loan and those payments have always been early  all my accounts have NEVER been late so my question is why in the world has my credit score dropped 25 points in 3 months? its absurd the pay on time and owe nothing yet be deemed not credit worthy   i am being punished for paying my debt off on time and in full ?  any thoughts per chance and sorry if this does not belong here

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread


First, welcome to the greatest credit advice family on the planet! Im not a expert at this yet. but believe me the big hitters will be hitting u up soon im sure of that.  But hit us with some data points. 

start with credit scores from all 3. and age of credit. 

credit cards u have , limits. things of that nature.  Then we can see whats going on wit ya. 

again welcome!

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

Having all of your accounts reporting a zero balance may be hurting you.
Try letting one report a balance of 3-8%.
You can always pay it off after it reports.
This is called the AZEO Method: All Zero Except One. This is important because some scoring models will ding you for having zero cards reporting BUT if all of your cards report then you get dinged, too.
Under 30% is good but under 8.9% is optimal.
And...welcome! 🙋🏽‍♀️
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