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May 2019 Check-In Thread

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

target card 600.00 limit zero balance

eddie bauer card 500.00 limit zero balance

furniture row card synchrony bank 1,600.00 limit zero balance

justice card by capital one 350.00 limit zero balance

kohls card 1,500.00 limit zero balance 

synchrony car care card 500.00 limit zero balance

ally auto loan original amount 5,816.00 new balance $3,965.25

 ally auto loan 2 years

kohls card 3 years 7 mo

eddie bauer 1 year 5 mo

target 6 mo

sync car car 6 mo

sync fun row 5 mo

cap one /justice 3 mo 


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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

and now as far as my 3 scores go i can only get 2 from credit karma and they differ alot from the 3 i got from the mortgage loan officer when i inquired for a home loan a few months back

 credit karma says trans union at 633

equifax says 634



and these from the home loan lady 

 equifax 4/22/19 type fact beacon 5.0    665

experian 4/22/2019 type fair,isaac modeL II  665

transunion date 4/22/2019 type fico classic 04   641




   why the big difference ?

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

@codetutor wrote:

Have been rebuilding for a little over a year, but starting to do better tracking.


Goals for this year:

  • Add NFCU to my card mix
  • CLI (auto or requested) at least 3 times
  • Join the 700 club

Need to set new goals already, as:

  • Permanently ineligible for NFCU membership because of mistakes on a $200 CL card from over a decade ago, even if I were interested in paying back now
    • Not bummed about this as I was only going for them due to generosity with SLs and CLIs and to increase options when I look for a mortgage—immediately after leaving, I opened banking accounts with USAA instead
  • Approved CLI with Kohls ($300->$700), auto-CLIed with Discover ($2500->$3150), and approved 5x CLI with Chartway FCU ($500->$2500)
  • All 3 scores above 700
    • I expect them to dip a bit for the next month or so due to HP and a new Amazon Prime Card ($2500 SL), but to still stay over 700

Smiley Happy

Going to head into the garden for a few months, but for the rest of 2019, I'll set more ambitious stretch goals:

  • Get to $25k available across all revolvers
  • Get all 3 bureaus above 750 and at least 1 near 800
  • Get first Amex in Nov/Dec
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Goal Score: 800

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Gardening goal: Nov 2019

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread


and now as far as my 3 scores go i can only get 2 from credit karma and they differ alot from the 3 i got from the mortgage loan officer when i inquired for a home loan a few months back

 credit karma says trans union at 633

equifax says 634



and these from the home loan lady 

 equifax 4/22/19 type fact beacon 5.0    665

experian 4/22/2019 type fair,isaac modeL II  665

transunion date 4/22/2019 type fico classic 04   641




   why the big difference ?

Credit Karma is Vantage Score = totally different than FICO.


The mortgage trifeca scores have absolutely nothing to do with that explicitly, and XtraCredit is right, you want a small balance reporting on a national bank card for one of them which for you would be the Cap 1 card... the other Synchrony-backed retail cards have some problems apparently on some scores, better to not take a chance when we're talking mortgage.


Welcome to the forums!


ETA: oooh actually yours is an interesting test case: Synchrony does not report a new statement unless there is a balance change, so if you are flatline at zero for the last six months and their last report date was over six months ago, you may be getting hit for that.


If you check Credit Karma for each of your revolvers what is the last reporting date?

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

So which credit scores should I assume are more accurate? The ones from loan officer or credit karma? And the capital one card is actually for justice clothing store for my daughter so not optimal to carry small balance on that one. I can use my target card though right. ?
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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

Should i get rid of the synchrony then ? I don’t want to keep getting hit for not using it and I will NOT go back into debt again.
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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

Don't get rid of anything. You are not taking a hit just for having it.
Try letting Cap1 report a few dollars and pay it off after the statement cuts. You'll understand once you've done it.
As for which score, there are many variations (for mortgages, auto, etc.). I would suggest doing a trial at Ctedit Check Total. The trial is for 7 days and will give you your FICO scores for all three bureaus. Additionally, you will get your mortgage score, auto score, credit card score, etc for Experian.
I think that once you pull these score and see them that you'll have a better understanding of how the scores work.
The trial is for 7 days but I would suggest cancelling right away do that you don't get charged for the regular subscription later.
You can always do the trial again in a week or so but only if you cancel in time.

Hope this helped.

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Current Score: EX 714 TU 718 EQ 713 (EQ9 735)
Goal Scores: 750

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

The loan officer scores are basically the gold standard in the industry for mortgages, and incidently those are the only scores I really care about, the rest will fall into line if I'm pretty on that set.


Vantage Scores, while not totally worthless, aren't very relevant in today's market and as a result shouldn't be trusted.


I don't know your history so I'm just going to give my thoughts on using credit cards vs. debt and why the two aren't the same:


If we're really talking using credit cards, the salient thing to remember is they're designed for short term float: if you pay in full before the grace period is up (by the next statement) it's not actually debt.  For example I run my life through my credit cards, better consumer protections and rewards which fundamentally are earnings in the margin for me.  Outside of my mortgage and auto loan, there's a $600ish balance that was reported last month and right now I'm sitting at about 2k after buying the next round of flights and Airbnb's for my work... but that's nobody's idea of debt given I will be cutting a check for the full amount after the statements cut... and I personally basically get 4.5% on having spent the 2K through a credit card rather than cash / check / debit, which winds up to be about $90.  That adds up over time.


Using credit cards as a result isn't debt; however, how a lot of consumers admittedly run up the balances on their credit cards so they can't pay it off out of free cash flow easily, that is debt.  


Modern budgeting theory suggests don't spend any dollars you don't have, with very very few exceptions (like a mortgage, auto, or student loan basically, something that enables revenue or asset class in the mortgage case) and really instead of paying it immediately the only difference with credit cards is you can wait the 20 days or whatever if you really want to maximize your returns... I don't play that hard, but as long as you have the money in your account to simply cut the check, and you aren't being charged interest (cause that's just wasted money when we're talking credit cards) you aren't in debt.


Basically even safety bear style, treat your credit card like a debit card and you won't get into trouble.


Anyway when it comes to FICO scoring put a balance on any of your revolvers and that will count for the bulk of the points on most of the algorithms.  If I were you though I'd basically learn how to leverage credit cards to make your life easier without slipping into debt, and that puts you in the best position to leverage your credit when you do need it for say a mortgage in today's world, or student loan refinancing will be a big one too for consumers.

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

ok ill try to do that thanks

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Re: May 2019 Check-In Thread

Hmmm todays update!!!!

Wow, seems like i cant win for losing. So i traded in my old car for a new one, and it just reported.  i didnt realize i was actually closing an acct. and boy did i take a hit for that.Also my self lenders acct just closed, cause i finished a year on that, so thats another closed acct. 


Now i thought that completing a acct for several years would look good on me, but i see thats not the case. I dont want to be 80 k in debt for any reason, but i see now i kind of have to be in some major debt for my acct to build a major score. I went from 687 tu 686 exp 668 eq

to 644tu 664exp 654 eq, all because i paid off two accts. 


My credit card debt is a little too high for myself. which is only like 26 percent, but i normally run a 8 to 10, tranunion told me i was running too less of credit that i needed more credit, so i got another card. This stuff is starting to get so confusing. Altho experian score planner tells me not to apply for any more credit, because i just got a new car and a new credit card for 3 months at least and that is suppose to take my 

credit with them back up to 689. Fako scores dropped like crazy because of this too. Tu is like 605 now. from 680. whewwwww. what a **bleep** struggle. i mean i know the fako score are not the real scores, but i base some of my success off those scores too. 


I still have 600 dollars on my discover card left and was about to pay that off, and 500 dollars on my ollo card, 200 dollars on my avant card. my opensky card i have 98 dollars left,was going to pay that off this week but **bleep** i dont think i should cause that will be another acct paid off, i paid my fingerhut acct down to 0 but i just bought something small recently just to keep it active, my mont wards card is at 0 havent bought anything from them in a couple of months, cause they really dont have nothing i really want. 


I guess evertything will bounce back in a few months, i guess im just bummed out cause i thought i was on my way to 700 and feeling good about everything till yesterday when the scores dropped. 

I mean i got everything i wanted from the high scores, and i really wasnt looking to get anything else, but it was a peace of mind that if i needed to get something or wanted something that my scores would support me. I still have my eyes out for the ncfu credit cards and see how that goes i guess


One other problem is fingerhut was included into my bk that i personally dismissed cause i didnt want to do it and have never missed a pay ment with them. but it keep reporting as closed every other month and i have to keep disputing it with the agencies until it gets back on track, i have to called fingerhut once a month to have them report correctly, and thats partly why my score keep dropping on tu and eq. 


Ok enough typing for me today. all this typing and stressing is bumming me out. so imma need to go get a drink and get high for a few hours to help me get over this. 

Thanks community for listening to all my rants.  talk later. 

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