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May 2020 Check In Thread

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

Still plugging away. Didn't apply for any new credit and still paying bills on time. Small steps forward! 

Starting Score: 499
Current Score: 640
Goal Score: 850

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

Brief Update: 3 inquiries aged off EX, and my score jumped 17 points (7+7+3 per inq), putting me back in the 800s. AOYA = 4 months; 1 inq (Oct). Will wait a few days to pull TU and EQ but I expect similar gains. I'm beyond thrilled, and feel a sense of control again.

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

Just Getting started. Looking up resources and talking to an attorney who has offered to help me gather court case information, as most of my debt (close to all) stems from FTP FTA... so going to gather up my finances and hopefully hire them within the next couple of weeks to get the process started. They're then supposed to help negotiate down.. after which i then have to look into how i'm going to pay the fines... Well at least putting Furlough time to good use/

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread


Late check in for meSmiley Sad


Trying to keep credit goals.

Also trying to stay on the SP's and lay off the apps. (easier said than done)

But getting better. I have a plethora of cards. and if I can just get CLI's without killing my AAoA.

Scores are around the mid 750's give or take "25" at times. When I joined myFICO they were low 640(ish)

Have learned a ton, and I am very grateful to find myFICO.  I would be a semi lost hiker without it.


Only have a couple goal cards way down the road.


A quick Hi to @KennySmiley Happy 

Greatful for my friend @Anonymous who keeps me on the straight and narrow.


Everyone Take care and Be Safe!

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

I'm new here, this is where I am. Starting scores were as of December 2019. Made a lot of progress cleaning up the credit. Trying to remove late payments now. 

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

Apologies I probably missed a few checkins but with mortgage going on there wasn't really anything to write about other than a bunch of stress and confusion that was totally unnecessary.


I finally got the mortgage closed, and I wound up opening up two credit cards so I'm not going to get some of my New Year scoring goals but since they were sort of picked out of the wind and with everything going on including my up and moving halfway across the country (which wasn't expected when I made these predictions) I'm doing OK.


I might open one more card, maybe, but unless travel goes back to normal I'll be OK taking 3% instead of 4.5% for some of my spend TBH as the bulk of my spending the last month that could've gone at 4.5% were one time events from moving so sort of missed that window.  Does suggest having the right portfolio for the future because situations may come up where you just can't simply open up another credit card. 


Anyway I got ruthlessly clean AZEO style today and I reached my annual EX FICO 2 goals and literally 1 point short of EQ FICO 5 so it *might* gain the 1 point needed once that balance reports on the end of month DCU pull.  Neither the mortgage nor the new card have reported so hard to say but I had a card recently opened anyway so I might not get slapped that hard.


I won't hit my FICO 8 goals, those were presumed on not opening any new accounts at all for the year, but my EQ FICO 8 is at an 826 which for me is a new record even though I haven't been tracking that score.  


All income is still coming in fast and furious style, I just need to focus on maintaining it... which means get off this forum and rough out a draft due in two days, argh I am so awkward right now.


Later this year gets interesting with my oldest account falling off in August unless I get lucky, and then I'm still 2 years away from my CFA falling off.  I F'n hate those.  Everything else though, I may be done with credit... thought about trying to get some BT cards but realistically I should just focus on the top line and reducing my debt amount without credit hacks.  Short of some new godlike card being released or my circumstances changing, I may be done with credit other than this won't be my last mortgage.


Funny a few years ago I opined hitting an 850 was pointless and that I would never get there, now being as nearly credit complete as anyone possibly can be maybe I get it after all.



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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

@Revelate   you are likely right about the real credit value of a Fico 08 Score of 850. For those of us that used to find the "bottom of the barrel" scores, it is the good feeling to see that all of our efforts to rebuild were worth it?! We know around Fico 8 Score of 740+ would be enough to achieve the top cards but what the heck? Smiley LOL

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

I just started this morning but want to say congratulations to all that are growing! This is very encouraging and a ray of 🌞 light! 

I am happy to read that I am not alone in the waiting stage to let my seed grow! 

I am going to continue to pay off as much as balances that I can, most are under 10% and hopefully work on 2 baddies! 

Super Excited!!

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

- Paid off the vehicle.  woohoo.  I know I'm going to get a slight ding in the score but so what?  This is about personal financial health not about having perfect credit scores!

- With the funds saved by not having to go towards the vehicle, I can accelerate my other debt payments.  Also good!

- With the funds not spent on dining out or driving, I am putting that towards more precious metals.  After all, that portion of my portfolio has kept me above water when the stocks have dropped.  There is a very valid reason why precious metals are a STORE of value and are real money.

- I'm waiting for the big shoe to fall (yeah, the one that is actually bigger than Covid-19).  When Deutsche Bank fails, so will ~49 trillion of derivatives (for the uninformed, the entire derivatives market is many times larger than the entire world economy).  Lehman Bros failure was a drop in the bucket by comparison.

Starting Score: EQ 732 October 2007; Current Score: EQ 839; TU 865, July 2022;
Oldest Reporting EQ Account: 20.4 years; EQ AAoA: 9.9 years;
ACTUAL Oldest account 40.1 years; ACTUAL AAoA 19.3 years.

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

In March, I paid off 3 out of 5 collections and they were removed.  I was hoping for a significant score improvement.  No score improvement. 


Two days ago I just paid off number 4 out of 5. I really have no grandiose ideas for credit score improvement this pay off. 


Number 5 will be paid off this week.  


My TU is 611. I need 680 to rent or buy a home for me and my children.


My boyfriend says I'm missing the point, I should be thankful I'm able to pay collections off. I am thankful. My year and a half of homelessness is a prevailing thought right now. 


The minimum to rent a place here is 680. I went through a bad divorce and I'm crawling my way back.

Starting Score: 589
Current Score: 589
Goal Score: 680

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March 2020
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