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May 2020 Check In Thread

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

@Nikki66972 wrote:

In March, I paid off 3 out of 5 collections and they were removed.  I was hoping for a significant score improvement.  No score improvement. 


Two days ago I just paid off number 4 out of 5. I really have no grandiose ideas for credit score improvement this pay off. 


Number 5 will be paid off this week.  


My TU is 611. I need 680 to rent or buy a home for me and my children.


My boyfriend says I'm missing the point, I should be thankful I'm able to pay collections off. I am thankful. My year and a half of homelessness is a prevailing though right now. 


The minimum to rent a place here is 680. I went through a bad divorce and I'm crawling my way back.

Do you have other derogatories? You may get a big bump when the payoff on #5 reports. I'm not the praying type, but I'm pulling for you. Best wishes.

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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

@VanderSnoot No. 5 is the last one. It would be wonderful if the 'big bump' pushes me up 69 points. Thank you for the good wishes.

Starting Score: 589
Current Score: 589
Goal Score: 680

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March 2020
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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

I had a good May.  My goals were to stay healthy, stay employed, stay in the garden and pay less than $40 in CC interest.  I did all of that.  In fact, my interest expenditure was just $15. 


Even more exciting, in less than a week I will pay off my last CC balance on which interest is accruing.  I'll still have about $20k on zero-interest cards, but I should be able to pay those off long before interest kicks back in, which means that I am now a few days away from paying my last CC interest for the foreseeable future, maybe ever.  I've been paying interest for 15 years, so this is a major milestone for me.


I am gonna have to step out of the garden for a moment, to finance the purchase of a car that's coming off lease, but that's OK.  I'll come right back.


My scores have taken some lumps the last few months, as a result of many inquiries and apps and running up high balances on BT cards, but that was done on purpose, as I have followed the advice of the wise elders here: finances before FICO.  My scores are in the 750's, and will rise in the months ahead.  I'm OK with that.


Goals for the month ahead: Stay healthy, stay employed, pay off last interest-bearing card (!), buy car, and let fewer than half of cards report a balance.


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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

I’m personally happy for my achievement even for maybe 2 weeks I have now reached the 800 threshold. 

I know it won’t last because I just got a new amex cc which probably hasn’t reported so my score will dip soon. 


I tried to do the azeo method forum members were telling me to do but I can’t find out which credit is being reported I have 4.

actually now that I have 4 cc, I was panicking the other day and logged in all my accounts( Amex website is too screwy in mobile too) I received a call from spam scam from western union told me I should send in $6000 or my transaction will be cancelled but at first I couldn’t understand where they possibly get my number so I logged in all my accounts make sure none is hacked. But I know my Amazon had been compromised because I got a text from them since then my phone number had been put in the dark web, I’m pretty sure it’s capital one and amazon. 


Anyway I’m still proud of my achievement so far 800 score and have some savings on the bank, got RSU waiting to vest. Got a decent job. 

When 10 years ago I don’t know how I can pay my monthly cc bills and fallen out of control car repo’d, lost my job. 

From 500 to 800 now. It is good so far.




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Re: May 2020 Check In Thread

May has been a good month. I paid off 4 CO accounts this month. One of which was not on my CR, but was sued earlier this month by the CA/Attorney. The 3 CO accounts that were on my credit report have fallen off. Today, I received an alert stating EX was up 14 points. The change I found was the last CO account was removed. Now I'll wait for the other reports to update. Hopefully, my scores will jump on EQ & TU. This month I have seen my lowest score (TU) jump above 600. Next month I will focus on GW letters. 

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