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May 2022 Check In Thread

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Re: May 2022 Check In Thread

Last month I colsolidated my cc debt.. Paid pretty much every off. Kinda mad at myself for letting it get that bad could have used the money for home repairs.. Such is life.. I'm grateful for being able to qualify for a large loan like that considering my past credit issues.. Other than that, slow and steady... I applied for and got approved for a cap1 venture card. Trying to make sure I don't dig another hole for myself.. 

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Current Score: 640
Goal Score: 850

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Re: May 2022 Check In Thread

Really glad to find this Challenge/Thread. I'm learning and starting to feel a wee bit of hope. I had 720-750 score for years without even trying. Didn't realize how lucky I was to be naive and have good credit. Then, life happened. Husband was downsized and could only find parttimework. He went back to school and we couldn't stay afloat. 2016-2018 were rough. Then, just before my husband graduated school and could go back to fulltime, the shutdown (and all that came with it) happened. Finally, 1.5 years after graduating in the middle of the pandemic, he is no longer underemployed and we can start paying down debts. We kept his credit at 720+, mine took a hit. Charge offs and late payments everywhere. Trying to clean up so I've been lingering in the Rebuilding credit forum to learn. Next steps, finish settling the smaller debts and wait for them to reflect on the CRs and try and get a secured card and become an AU on my husband's CC to rebuild my thin, ugly credit history. 

Spent the last hour scrolling through the posts here...finding so much inspiration and ideas. Seeing how far many of you have come shows me there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!



635 in March '22 (start of rebuilding journey)

595 in April (I think b/c I paid a few things that hadn't been updated and now, although paid, they show 2 years of non-payment)

617 in May (possible increase due to 2 paid collections)


Looking forward to June - not all CRAs have updated with my settled chase charge off or paid medical collection yet. Still have to decide on whether to pay a small charge off from 2019 for $350 or unpaid collection from 2016 ($650). Unpaid collection is bigger $ but may be better for my score. I can't do both this month so I'm going to research and make decision by end of week. 


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Re: May 2022 Check In Thread

@Binbinimiwi wrote:

First time posting on the monthly thread. Most of my info is on the original thread  and I just found this place. Two good things are my Fico 8's are up to the 670's now that my 2 new trade lines are posting, and I'm building a nice little savings.I also paid off a $124 medical collection this week, so I'm excited to see how that affects my score since it was PFD. So, no more collections on my account and I'm gardening and racking up my cash back on both cards.

Good luck to you all Smiley Happy

UPDATE: My Experian score is now up to 682 with the drop of the medical collection! Haven't checked the other bureaus yet, but this is good news for me!!

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Re: May 2022 Check In Thread

Hello all you Challengers !   It's me, Lucifer and former Challenger myself.


It's been a while since I've been on here - things have been very busy in hell.


While I have no current goals other than staying liquid - I am here with a reminder for all of you.


I was once a super low fico (like about as low as the scale goes - it was bad).   I now enjoy 800+ scores and credit cards from all the major companies with CLs all over 10k except one (I'm looking at you C1).       


Keep the faith, do the right things and stay liquid!


Also - The devil here doesn't really think of credit limits as credit limits.    I call them confidence points.   Slightly different mentality.    I like to get my confidence points scores nice and high and keep them there.     


Good luck to you all - Devil out !

Stay Liquid My Friends...

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Current Score: F8 800+
Goal Score: F8 800

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Re: May 2022 Check In Thread

My Vantage 3.0 scores have gone up in the "prime" range finally, im just anxiously waiting for my FICO scores to follow suit, my closet FICO 8 score is EX at 657. So only 13 points away from the "Good" range. My FICO bankcard scores are just under 670. Im hoping in the next week or 2 i can hit that milestone for the first time.

(CLOSED) Capital One Platinum Secured (5/2021): $300 | Chase Freedom Unlimited (1/2022): $500 | Discover It Chrome (5/2022): $2000 | Charles Schwab Investor Card AmEx (5/2022): $6000 | Chase Sapphire Preferred (6/2022): $5000
Total Credit Limit : $13800
As of 4/2022: Experian FICO 8 : 657 | Experian Vantage : 690 | Equifax FICO 8 : 622 | MyEquifax : 630 | TransUnion FICO 8 : 650 | TransUnion Vantage : 674
Starting Score: 512
Current Score: 657
Goal Score: 670+

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Re: May 2022 Check In Thread

I know im late to the party. Just found out about this amazing forum. As all can see my scores are currently horrendous. I went from a 730 score in 2018 to what I have now. It almost brought tears to my eyes creating that signature... I have 5 collection reports. 1 auto loan default, 2 credit cards (one of which is fraud but capital one's fraud department deemed me reliable) one utility bill, and one from an old apartment complex that shouldn't even be there, along with a slew of reported missed payments from when I was out of work or working but barely making enough money to even support myself with housing and mandatory utility bills. My goal is to regain at least a 700 score and then shoot for the elusive 800s. I just want my financial freedom back and to stop only being offered subprime lenders. I know it's a long road ahead and I will be browsing the forum for knowledge but if anyone has any advice at all to speed up the process I'm all ears. 

Experian 475 Transunion 493 Equifax 531
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