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November 2015 Check-In Thread

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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

Well I hit the 700 club in September so yay me but I also just recieved a windfall and decided to pay down my CC balances. This bumped me into the excellent category in CC utilization. Smiley Happy Again another yay me!   however, my FICO score went down slightly and I can't understand why. I'm still in the 700 club thoHeart

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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

Hello All!

Nothing new to report. Same plan. I'm excited to start the new year, that's for sure!

Next year WILL be a great year.

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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

Kenny - between you and gdale, would you put up December 2015 Check-In Thread right here as this is where we normally would look. gdale started doing the same thing over in General Credit (confusing).
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