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November 2017 Check In Thread

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Re: November 2017 Check In Thread

@ohjoy wrote:

@ohjoy wrote:

So, I started this month with pretty decent scores. But, it was definitely time to get myself a car. I've been without one since 5/24/17, when it was totalled. I bought my daugter a car back in July so, I thought I'd better hold out for as long as possible to get mine. I felt pretty confident with all of my scores being over 720, which is top tier with Lexus. So, I leased my car a couple days ago. 


Then, I thought I'd better app for the cards that I want before the dealership inquiries hit. I actually only got 2 inquiries but, I expected more since my daughter's car purchase hit me with 10+. So, I app'd and received:


Ameriprise Platinum AMEX


AMEX BCP $1000

NFCU AMEX $15,000

Discover It Cash $1000

and CLI on my NFCU Signature Cash Rewards from $7000 to $14000


I am officially headed to the garden to hide while the dust settles on all of that activity.


So far, my Equifax and Experian scores have both dropped 8 points. Not bad. But, that's so far.


My goal last month was to get my scores to 760. I did that with EQ and close with TU but, now, my goal for this month is to garden, hope the fallout doesn't set me back too much and that I can rebound. 

So, I'd like to update since we're midway through the month.


First, I accidentally got approved for a synchrony account for $3500.  I applied at a furniture store to find out how much they'd give and the interest rate. It wasn't what I wanted so I didn't go through with the purchase. But, the account is on my report anyway.


As for my credit scores, EQ gave me back the 8 points and then took away 16 since the sync inquiry. Ah well. I'm still over 740 so, I'll live.


But in the meantime, when I set up my AMEX Gold and Plat accounts online, I applied for the extended pay option and both seemed to turn me down. But today, I get letters saying that I was approved for both. So:


Amex Gold (PRG) $25K

Amex Plat $35K


Boy, oh boy! I'm feeling like I'm in the big leagues now.

Welp! I think the dust has finally settled on my scores. I'm not over 740 across the board anymore. My new scores are:

EQ: 748, TU: 755, EX: 727


I mean, it could've been worse so... Anyway, EX continues to hate me. I'm not really sure what I can do to get my scores to rebound other than to just wait. My first car payment will be coming due soon and, I'm trying to earn SUB points with PRG, BCP and NFCU MR AMEX. It's a total of $5K spend in 3 months on the cards. I'm also trying to understand and figure out how to best maximize the rewards points for the travel cards that I just got. *le sigh* I have work to do.

Starting Score (May 2017): 584 TU
Current Scores: 699 TU, 770 EQ, 775 EX

Goal Score: 820+

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Re: November 2017 Check In Thread

I'm late reporting for month. 


Small changes- paid off the 1 CC that was inactive and I let hit at statement cut, which put me at 3/5 CCs reporting. Utilization still hovering around the same.  Car needed repairs, and Dryer died. So within my rebuild, due to floor or other emergencies we have replaced all kitchen appliances with exception of refrigerator. A Washer and Dryer, a TV that got turned over and busted when we came back to move all furniture from kitchen/den into the LR, car repairs. Had 4 birthdays this past month, my son, husband, and two great niece and nephew- feel obliged to buy a small present as these are my brother's grandchildren, and he passed 2 years ago. Christmas I've reduced severely the limit I'm buying on my kids.  Really want for my husband and I to get a house in Spring, my scores are ok, but he has the much bigger income, but way less credit. 


October was FICO 8, 738 EQ, 743 TU, 740 EX, November reports FICO 8 744 EQ +6, 743 TU +0, 743 EX +3

October Mortgage scores, 751 EQ 769, TU, 751 EX, November mortgage scores 756 EQ +5, 771 TU +2, 754 +3


Goals now are 760 ATB FICO 8, and 760 Middle Mortgage Score

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Re: November 2017 Check In Thread

Hello Fico Challengers!

There was some good upward movement in scores in November. My EQ score acted like a yo-yo, but the score settled to a nice enough number.


I filed a complaint against EQ and TU regarding the tax lien on my CR. TU removed the tax lien fairly quickly which resulted in a 20pt gain. I expected a bigger gain, but I am very happy about alteast getting 20pts. EQ is standing firm and still haven't removed the lien so I filed another complaint against them with the CFPB and also one with the BBB.


Although I decided against GW letters regarding my three 30-day lates, it looks like these are automatically dropping from my CRs a bit earlier than expected. All CRs should be clear of these lates by Jan 2018 if they continue to disappear at the same rate.

Fico 8 scores:

  • EQ: 760 -> 775 (5 inquiries fell off the report)
  • TU: 770 -> 790 (tax lien removal resulted in a 20pt gain)
  • EX: 809 -> 810 (2 inquirie fell off the report)

Mortgage scores had good gains as well...:

  • EQ: 727 -> 739
  • TU: 754 -> 774
  • EX: 789 -> 810

2017 goals:

  • Reach Fico 8 700+ score across the board. DONE!
  • Get Fico 8 740 or more across the board. DONE!
  • Get Fico 8 760 across the board. DONE!
  • Reach my first EVER Fico 8 800 score! DONE!
  • Get middle mortgage score to atleast 740. DONE!
  • Try to get the three 30-day lates off of my CRs via GW letter. SKIPPED. EQ will be clear of these lates in Dec. TU and EX both will have one remaining in Dec.
  • Save atleast 5% down for mortgage.  4% (of lowest) or 2% (of highest) saved. Not great, but something. Smiley Happy
  • Try to get the PIF State Tax lien removed from EQ/TU reports. TU removed the tax lien after I filed a CFPB complaint. EQ is being stubborn, but there's still time for them to respond to my 2nd complaint against them with the CFPB or the complaint I filed against them with the BBB.
  • Get all mortgage scores to atleast 760. EQ is moving slower than molassess in the Winter time! This is not likely to happen by EOY.
  • Get Fico 8 800 across the board. Although I thought this was possible if the tax lien was removed from EQ and TU CRs, it's certainly doesn't look good - atleast not by EOY.
  • STAY in the garden until close on mortgage. Staying...BUT...I closed a CC in Nov. due to possible fraud and they sent me a new card. Not sure how/when/if this will report. So far, no new TL or inquires have appeared on my CR. Until either of these occur, I'll consider myself still in the garden. Smiley Wink

Life happens. Adjust accordingly.

gardening: 01/05/2019 updated: 01/23/2019 rebuild: 2/2016 EQ 648 TU 642 EX 663
Start Mort: EQ 800 TU 800 EX 805 Fico 8: EQ 794 TU 806 EX 825
Curr Mort.: EQ 800 TU 800 EX 805 Fico 8: EQ 794 TU 806 EX 825
Goal Mort.: EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850 Fico 8: EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
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