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October 2015 Check-In Thread

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October 2015 Check-In Thread


Summer is gone and fall is here!  The holidays are a few short months away and like most of you, I am budgeting for the gift giving and great experiences.  Have you prepared yourself? Are you where you want to be with your debt; or are you struggling to figure out a way to get out of debt before getting into more debt?


I know you are all hard at work with your credit goals.  Have we progressed as far as we hoped?  Were there any unforseen expenses that cropped up and may have thrown you off schedule?


As a reminder, participation in these monthly check-ins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. This is a no-judge zone. Feel free to say what's keeping you up at night or give yourself a kudo for having it all together.


Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps? Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones?


Let us know how you're doing! What have been your biggest accomplishments and obstacles so far in the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2015?


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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

Happy October everyone!  I just love the fall weather. 


I'm down to $1430.01 in CC debt and have it in my budget to pay it off completely this month!  Lucky for me I have 5 paydays this month. That will complete my first goal of having no credit card debt.


I recently got a Discover IT card as a co-applicant with my brother who lives with me.  I wanted to help him build some credit since he had no report after a bankruptcy. 

This has a 0 percent interest for 12 months I believe.  I have no problem with him putting all his daily expenses on it but may need to educate him some about carrying a balance even with 0 interest.  With the new CL, my CS finally pushed into the 800's and I'd like to keep it there.  If he starts carrying a balance on this card with a 3500 CL, it may knock my scores down.  I have access to monitor the account which I will be doing consistantly. 


If everything works out this month, I will begin paying off my HELOC in Nov.  That will take awhile, but consistancy is the key.  I still have over 2 years of interest only so that will help me get started before the payback period begins.  My part time jobs ends this month, but will start back up again in March so all that money will go toward this.  My other part time starts up and that pays for holiday expenses.  No more CC debt for me!


Hope everyone has a fun and productive Oct!!

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Experian: 818
Equifax: 841

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

Morning =-)



I posted the end of last month, so I will wait to do this months check in until a little later in the month. Looking forward to reading everyones updates =-)

Starting Score: 493 (6/30/15) | Current Score: 621 (as of 3/9) | Goal Score: 675 (By 12/31/16) | Total Available Credit: $1,300 (As Of 3/9/16)
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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

late out of the gate only joined and started challenge not even a month ago, I've paid off a few collections. paid off 50% of my cc debt..


working vicariously, trying to purchase a house in 2016 

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

Still staying the course of no apps! Last HP was May 2014. Lose the car loan hard HP end of September 2015. Refuse to allow myself any apps. Truth, I could stand to close some cards and acquire the Chase AARP Visa and the Barclays Ring (until I read about Barclay's CD'ing folks for new HP's, not enough use, too low of monthly payments and so on - took this card off the table). May need a replacement for the Barclay's Sallie Mae WMC if it gets nerfed?! Lots of reasons to app so I am holding strong. My goal of a FICO Score of 850 (300 to 850) is close and that is my priority (for me). Did an update to my credit services and found my scores all went up several points due to payments posting in early October 2015 bringing my utilization well under 1% so, go figure (thought the scoring models liked 1% plus for maximum scores and it is not working that way on my credit profile)?!

Starting Score: 300
Current Score: 850
Goal Score: 850

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

Joined the fitness challenge in 4/2014 & met al my goal by 8/2014.  Which were: 1) Improve FICO score to 760 - 850 range 2) Get pre-approved for new home loan 3) Buy new home in Bay Area (relocating near adult kids).  In August I established a new goal:  1) not have more, total debt, for credit cards and student loans than I had at the beginning of 2014.


Prior to purchase of new home, I was on track to pay off all credit card debt by 11/2014 and student loan by 12/2014. 

Thus my goals (after purchase of new home) was to keep total CC and student loan debt below my 1/2014 balance and by March 2015 develop new plan to pay off cc & student loan debt.


My new goal was met and I have no student loan debt. Thus, my new goal is to keep cc debt below 1/2014 and to pay off new house at least 10 years sooner than 30 year loan.


My credit card and student loan debt was $39377.44 in Jan 2014. I no longer have student loans.


My credit card debt 10/2015 is $5546.24. I've been feeling embarrassed, because I've bought a new computer and keep taking advantage of 0% interest deals. On the bright side, I've developed a plan that indicates that I should have the house paid off in 16 years. I'm hoping to pay it off even sooner than that. For instance I notice that paying the $800 per month extra as a lump sum at the beginning of each year saves me over 4K in interest and I pay off the loan 3 months sooner.


I plan to update the forum every February, because I'll pay the lump sum each January. I think I'll change my signature too so that it'll keep the goal in sight.

Original Mortgage maturity Sept 2044; Refi maturity Dec 2030
Starting Score: EX 751 EQ 720 TU 737 on 4/9/14
Current Score: EX 849 EQ 835 TU 843
Goal Score: 850

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

Since I started the Challenge my goals have changed.  I have since changed them again. I have accomplished all the goals I have set out to accomplish. I am very proud of where I am at and hope to keep moving forward. I have improved my scores almost 100 points to over 100 points. I bought a house, refinanced my car from a 7.5% to a 4.5% loan.  I have obtain credit cards I would never dream of getting and my credit limits just keep going up. We are building our emergency fund and so far have $5,000 and hope in the next year we can get it to at least $15,000. Both my husband and I have been working two jobs. We use our second jobs to save up money to by our big purchases so we do not put anything on credit. Our main job pays the bills. 


My new credit goals are:


1.) Keep paying mortgage on time for the next five years and refinance to a conventional loan and get away from the PMI

2.) Keep paying my bills to improve my score. 

3.) No more inquiries!


MyFICO has been my go to for everything!  I thank everyone for their comments and help and especially threads!

Starting Score Average: EQ 569 TU 501 EX 562
Current Score: EQ 667 TU 757 EX 656
Goal Score Average: 800 Across the board

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread


I finally hit the 700 club last month (as I previously posted in September thread) and now my scores have risen to






Thanks for the kudos and support!

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

TU score was at 568 back in June 2015

Got Capone and credit one in May.

Maintained utliization between 10% and 30%.

With 2 public records, 3 collections, and 19 inquiries my score as of today is 650.

What should i do to get a mortgage loan?

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

HeartHeartHeartI HAVE REACHED MY 2015 GOAL!!!!!! HeartHeartHeart


Starting my rebuilding journey, I decided to make the goal of a credit score of 550 by December 31, 2015. October 15, 2015 (yesterday), I reached my goal for the year! I am soooooooooooooooo proud of myself. After years of basically not giving a fudge about my financial health and well being, I decided to take back control. I am FAR from where I want to be, but I am totally where I need to be, headed in the RIGHT direction. I could not have come this far without the support, education and judgetment-free zone provided by this community. Thank you, I sincerely appreciate you all!!!!!!


I will wait until December to make my 2016 goals. 


Plans For This Month:


Tuesday 10/20- Make Fingerhut Payment of $33.73 (Remaining Balance on Fresh Start Account)


Saturday 10/24- Pay Capital One Security Deposit of $200 



Note: Today, I called Fingerhut, to make sure, with my minimum amount due on 11/3 being $15.XX that I will still be eligible for a revolving account if I pay off the balance early. I was assured that due to my history with them of on time payments, I will transition into a revolving account. My hope is that it can hit my credit report before the end of the month (10 days). 


I will update you all..... 


#Thanks #LuvYouAllBunches #LuvFromCali 

Starting Score: 493 (6/30/15) | Current Score: 621 (as of 3/9) | Goal Score: 675 (By 12/31/16) | Total Available Credit: $1,300 (As Of 3/9/16)
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