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October 2015 Check-In Thread

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

I have been a member for a while now and just decided to take the fico fitness challenge.  So far I have developed a plan to pay off my CC debt and I am gardening as of today.  I have scores in the mid 600's and hope to achieve scores >700 soon with paying off my CC debt.   I have attempted in the past to get a satisfied judement off my report with no luck.   I still have a couple of baddies on my report that will soon fall off.  The key for me is to be accountable and deliigant in my journey.  I would like to purchase a home by Dec 2017.  

FICO's EQ:621 (10/1/14) TU:627 (09/14/14) EX:647 (09-14-14)
Beginning FICO's EQ:503 05/12/13 TU:510 (05/12/13) EX:501 (05/12/13)
GOAL: 750-800
UPDATE 01/02/2015 EQ: 661 TU: 683 EX: 685
Gardening and Myfico Fitness Challenge: Goals: scores >700 by June 2016, CC Util 10% by June 2017, Home Purchase goal date: Dec 2017
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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

EX and EQ dropped a few points on the FICO 8 scoring side. TU went up. All payments made on time. Nearly maxed out my main cards because I was in a jam. Thankfully my scores will rebound quickly when I pay down. About to take on a 2nd auto loan for DW because we needed newer vehicles badly after almost 6 years of driving clunkers. It raised my wife & son's morale & we're all happier to be driving reliable vehicles with WORKING AC!!! I can't put a price on how well things are going for us right now. Working on DW's repair journey now that I got the hang of things around here. We're on track to good credit worthiness.

Very important werd to all you new members on this forum. PAY ON TIME, even if you can't PIF. My scores are going up steadily every single month, regardless of my balances. I've carried balances since I joined this forum and my scores still go up monthly. I haven't PIF once yet, but I pay more than the minimum on everything.


See you all in November (=

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread


Checking in for October.  My EQ went down but my TU went up some.  I'm looking into refinancing my home and will actually close today.  Scores went down because of the multiple credit inquiries but that's ok.  I'm saving about $400 a month so I'm happy about that - even though I'm starting back at the 30 year mark.  Stay true to your goals and you will find it worthwhile at the end.  

Current Score: EQ:829 (9/8/17) TU:819 (9/8/17) EX:821 (9/18/17)
Goal Score: 825 across the board
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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

So far, it's been a wonderful year. I started re-building in January 2015 with CS in a low of 500s and 1 secured cc. Now that I've reached the 700s club, and 4 wonderful cc, I decided to start my garden/myfico challenge.

My goal is to get into the 800 club and get approved by Discover and BoA by fall of 2016 with hope of getting a good SL.

Taking Myfico fitness Challenge, in garden 10/2015 ~ 4-6 inquiries ~ 4% utilization.
Starting Score: 500+ 1/2015 ~ Current: TU764/EQ705/EX724 ~ Goal: 800+
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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread

I began my credit repair journey 4 years ago in 2011. I had 2 court judgments from credit cards that were charged off while I was a student in college. I also had a couple of other accounts in bad standing due to lack of income while going to school. I had no clue about credit and how important it is in today's society. I started my recovery with a couple small secured credit cards from Credit One and HSBC. I also applied for and received a new car loan in December 2011 albeit with a high APR.


The first court judgement was paid off in 2012 through wage garnishment and I was very happy when it was finally paid off. I then paid a lump sum amount at a slight discount for the other court judgement in 2012. I was able to get one of the court judgements off my credit report on 2 out of 3 bureaus. The other accounts in bad standing were set to drop off in early 2013.


After dropping off my scored jumped and I was able to secure financing through a local furniture store for $2,000 to purchase a new bedroom set. I was also able to open 2 unsecured credit cards through Cap1 and Barclaycard for low limits ($1,000 and $500)! Success! I was on my way. I continued to make on-time payments and gradually increased my limits on the 2 unsecured cards.


2014 was mostly continuing to make on-time payments until October. In October, I was able to secure financing for my new house! We decided to also open a Lowes Card at that time since we wanted to do some painting, etc. before moving in. We were approved for a $2,000 limit which now sits at $6,000 today.


While I was able to continually raise my scores throughout this time, I had a high utilization which was keeping my scores down. I decided in 2015 that I was going to pay off all my CC debt. As of August 2015 I had paid off all my debt and am now at only 5% utilization (Just went on vacation). I decided that I wanted to try and get a couple better prime cards since my scored jumped tremendously after getting my utilization down. I was approved for an Amex Blue Cash Everyday at a starting limit of $10,000! I also applied and was approved for a Citi Simplicity card with a limit of $6,300 just yesterday. The Citi Simplicity card is going to be used as a balance transfer card for my wife to try and get her CC debt paid off as well. As it stands now, I have 1 Court Judgement on all 3 bureaus (set to fall off July 2016) and 1 additional court judgement on Experian only (set to fall off May 2018). 


It has been a long 4 years, however, it has been very fulfulling to see my scores gradually increase. Do not give up on your goals no matter how long it takes. This journey is definately a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time and effort but you can get there!



Note: The starting score of 707 is my score at the beginning of 2015 not my score in 2011. 

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Re: October 2015 Check-In Thread




Just rejoined myfico and the fitness challange. Working to build my credit, down from mutiple collections to just one.  Just started my first line of credit in years, and hoping to go up from here!

Starting Score: EQ 675 TU 591 EX 687 10/2015
Current Score: EQ 675 TU 591 EX 687 10/2015
Goal Score: 850

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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