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September 2015 Check-in Thread

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September 2015 Check-in Thread


September's here -- it feels like time is just flying by! Hopefully you have set the stage for positive surprises if you have any baddies or are needing to pay off any debt. Know that you will win this war, if you're struggling to get your credit back to where you want it to be. If you're maintaining your credit, great job! Keep that tenacious spirit, because temptations are everywhere. 


Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones? Either way, are you closer this month to your goals?  I know you are all hard at work with your credit goals.  Have we progressed as far as we hoped?  Were there any unforseen expenses that cropped up and may have thrown you off schedule? Anything you think is appropriate to add is what we want to hear about. 


As a reminder, participation in these monthly check-ins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. This is a no-judge zone; feel free to say what's keeping you up at night or give yourself kudos for having it all together.

Let us know how you're doing. Wishing you all the best of luck!

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Re: September 2015 Check-in Thread

Happy September!  Well, last month I had posted about trying to re-do my bathroom while paying off my credit card debt.  I decided the bathroom can wait - I'm too close to having no debt except my mortgage and LOC.  CC debt went from $3191 to $2343 with another $900 budgeted for Sept.  I added a Discover IT to my card file and got a $3500 CL.  That puts my total CL at $34700 so I'm at 7% usage now.  May get a small score increase for that, but not a big concern.  Thinking about doing a PC from Chase Slate to Chase Sapphire Preferred - will that require a HP?  Have a great month everyone!!

TransUnion: 822
Experian: 818
Equifax: 841

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Re: September 2015 Check-in Thread

Happy September. I'm happy to announce I am managing my credit. I'm in much better shape with the advice our members here at myFICO have given me. Got my revolving accounts that were at 90%+ utilized down below 50% and my scores went up significantly. That motivated me to continue paying better than agreed.

No CA's no CO's, just one late payment the OC won't delete. No other derogs. Life goes on.

My rebuilding journey and FICO Fitness Challenge began at the same time, in late May, and I've been in the garden since July. No plans to deviate anytime soon. I have about $5k in revolving debt and I anticipate that being paid off entirely by the holidays.

Enjoy September.

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Re: September 2015 Check-in Thread

I've established 3 new revolvers & 2 store cards that should do it for now... Happy September.

Just Joined the Garden 9/1/2015...Hope to last 2 years from today!!
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Re: September 2015 Check-in Thread

Well I missed check in last month, which is when everything started going downhill. First one major expense causing large score drops across the board, then appliances started breaking, next the vehicles. Now my scores are going backward faster than I have ever seen in an upward movement. Since last summer's hail storm my scores have gone from the mid 700s  losing in excess of 50-100 points (EQ 67 TU 91 EX 105). I had them coming up some and in July the drops started again. I now have 3 cards at 90% which I did not have last year, most of my inquiries are over 12 months old, still no late payments or any other derogs. I'm just not sure how to get on top of things, first of the year I made very large pay downs with no improvement and now with the extra expense I am really discouraged.

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Re: September 2015 Check-in Thread

My updated scores:


EQ 628

TU 633

EX 616



I have a feeling EX will give me a little boost in a short while. I just got a 13 point increase on TU, which reminded me to post up here lol


Starting Score: 569
Current Score: EQ612, TU615, EX594
Goal Score: 650+ Across The Board

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Re: September 2015 Check-in Thread

Well I started last month so this is my first check in. I have added an unsecured card this month, and a store/gas card. My scores are still on the rise, and I successfully disputed some items that were reporting incorrectly. I still have lots of baddies to tackle, but I am in the garden for at least 6 months. From my start in June of horrible scores, and zero revolving credit, I now have $2500 in revolving credit lines, added a small personal loan, and I hope my little credit garden grows like a weed! I am hoping for  650 by years end so I can purchase a home. Good luck everyone!

Starting rebuild July 2019 EX 501, EQ 512, TU n/a CCT Fico 8 scores
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Re: September 2015 Check-in Thread

Happy September!


After hoverng around the mid 600s for years I have finally hit the 700 club! My personal goal for some time nowSmiley LOL


700,715,720Smiley Happy

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Re: September 2015 Check-in Thread


Checking in for September.  My tenants moved out at the beginning of August and I moved back into our house.  After moving in, I found many issues that I had to fix.  Bathroom in finished basement had a leak causing some damage to walls and carpet on the other side.  Luckily, the carpet was only in a closet area but still had to rip it all out.  I refinished it myself so this was an expense I wasn't expecting until later.  Then found roof in our garage was leaking because of nail holes.  Roof guy thinks it was caused by placing a Christmas ornament or something since the holes were all in a straight line.  Luckily, that fix was only $150 so dodged a bullet on that one - for now.  My older daughter started Fall College so tuition and books hit me as well.  I had to charge some items so my util is now around 1%-2%.  Still not bad.  My scores crept up some.  The scores will drop by next month as I've started to look into refinancing the mortgage.  QuickenLoans and Capitol Federal both did inquiries so I'm expecting 5-10 pt drop.  Has anyone did a loan/refinance with Quicken?  They seem ok but comparing closings costs to CapFed, they are about $4000 more.  The have a LPMI plan which CapFed doesn't but I don't think it's worth the cost at this time.  Anybody have any good mortgage companies to work with?

Current Score: EQ:829 (9/8/17) TU:819 (9/8/17) EX:821 (9/18/17)
Goal Score: 825 across the board
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Re: September 2015 Check-in Thread

Good afternoon everyone...Hope you all had a great summer. I have not been on this site for several years. After spending several years to rebuilding my credit scores to <700 post-bankruptcy, I ran into some really hard times and was irresponsible/inconsistent and my scores took a nosedive. I'm back, determined, humbled, and thirsty for some education that will help me achieve my goals.


First step is to review my CR and establish some kind of plan of action.


Stay tune for more updates!!!

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Current Score: 502
Goal Score: 750

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