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September 2016 Check-In Thread

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Re: September 2016 Check-In Thread

Went against some MF gurus' advise and hit another cc app before going into the garden. Should have held out for a low interest cu cc cause shortly after getting approved for the card i found out the issuer was really not in keeping with my politics. Gonna sock drawer it while I wait for my inquiries to get older and maybe I can get the cu cc.

However, as a result of that plus some MF guru advice I DID do, my TU score just went to like 800 a couple days ago. From like 580 last summer. So that ended up being cool.

The advice you get on MF is just usually really great and I need to learn to follow it since these ppl have spent a lot more time than me learning and thinking abt these things.

Still working on getting Ex to so listing government fines illegally but even that is in the upper 600s now with my middle score being mid 700s.

Really need to just garden a while as I was advised to do. I'm lucky that I don't really want any exclusive cards. Am interested to see what next month has in store fico wise!

Progress FICO8 since summer 2015 Eq 763 (+171) TU 798 (+189) Ex 761 (+259)
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