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September 2022 Check-In Thread

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Re: September 2022 Check-In Thread


Lots of viewpoints on the closing of accounts.

Keeping cards with minimum use may take away from maximizing one's rewards goals. Then again, one needs to be aware of affecting "average age of accounts". Speaking on this, I had a closed Cap1 drop that was very old and my Ficos took a noticeable hit and today, I am still not at max on Ficos due to AOA (loss of this really old account).

For me, got tired of trying to keep all cards active in today's world where financials don't want cards sitting in the sox drawers (who can blame them?). Now truth, in the last five years I have culled the herd of more than five cards and lost over $80K in CLs. Did however pick up new cards that fit my spend pattern today and it works! Smiley Happy

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Re: September 2022 Check-In Thread

 officially reached 670 "Good" credit for the first time in my life on my Fico 8 score with Transunion according to the Discover app. I have hit the Good range a few times with my Vantage scores, and still trying to reach that goal with my Experian Fico 8. I dont have faith in Equifax...

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