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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015



I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE! My goal is to raise my score to 750 across the board by the end of the year. I look forward to learning as much as I during the challenge.


My starting scores:

TU:643 EX:632 EQ:617

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015

Looking forward to taking the challenge and learning about building a great credit repertoire. I started out about 6 months ago with a 511. I was urged to not pay off charge offs, but the inner conscious forced me to do so. Today I am glad did. Score has jumped quickly. Now in the market for a home and hopefully will get a conventional loan.

Starting Score: 511
Current Score: 647
Goal Score: 720

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015

I'm joining the myFICO Fitness Challenge for the first time! The only thing bad on my credit is my debt utilization, and it is my goal to fix that this year. I recently got a higher paying job, and I now have a better chance of reaching my goals.

Starting Score: 641
Current Score: 680
Goal Score: 730

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015

Hello everyone


I'm participating in this challenge, considering everything is falling back into place for me, and I am glad it is.


My ultimate goal, this year, is a snowball effect goal. I want to pay off my credit card debt and raise my credit score.


Right now, I have 11k in credit card debt.


By the end of 2015, my goal is to get at least 70% of that paid down. Larger goal is 95%+.


I want to raise my credit score from 569 to 650.


I recently got a new job which has knocked me from 39k a year to a little over 100k a year, so I think that this goal is pretty attainable.


One setback I have is that I have a tendency to impulse buy on credit cards.

A hurdle that I currently have, which really isn't a hurdle, is I pay childcare which costs 680 a month, my car payment is 400, insurance for the car is 102 and my school loan is 189 a month.


2 major things hurting my credit:

I had a couple of delinquent accounts due to personal issues. My bonus knocked everything back on track though and I have a good amount of money left after all my minimums are paid now.

My credit usage vs available is very high.

I closed a lot of my accounts, which I think hurt my score as well, but it's a safety precaution I feel I needed to take. I have 1 credit card in case of an emergency (have a child and 2 dogs) that I refuse to touch, unless there is an emergency.



Starting Score: 569
Current Score: EQ612, TU615, EX594
Goal Score: 650+ Across The Board

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015






New to the Fitness Challenge!    I am VERY excited to improve my score:  EXP: 656   EQU: 597  TRAN 645   My goal is:  720 - which is what it used to be!  I had some questionable negative issues on my report that I was not aware of....It really pays to pay attention to your report!  I just read your post - coffeegal and see that your situation and original scores are similar  to mine.  Time to clean up my act!  I am impressed that you increased your scoress from 18-40 points.  I am excited about doing that!  I wonder how long it took you?   

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015

Checking back in...tu granted my early exclusion of my last baddie on friday, and another update today, now at 719 Smiley Tongue spoke to experian and they told me to call back in february to get an early exclusion on that same bad one. Calling on monday and will hopefully get that taken care of and see all scores over 700. Keep at it people!

I've got some cards, got my house and got some scores with a 7 in front. Now what? Oh yea, live some of that life stuff.
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015

I'm here to share my experiences and improve my credit score. While in the process of selling my home, I decided to make improvements to increase the value. I had $20,000 in credit available. I got this bright idea to use it and pay it if with the sale of my home. I sold my home this week for a profit of $120 K. Great? Not really!!! My credit score took a nose dive from maxing out my credit. Now instead of buying a house at the lowest interest rate tier, I'm stuck getting an apartment until I bring my score back up. I'll use the profit to pay off the cards. Hopefully this challenge will keep me strong as I wait
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015

O.K., I finally figured out the Fitness Challenge, I am 55 and I guess you could say I am in the "Gardening" mode.  About 10 years ago my FICO scores were so low, that my brother who worked at a car dealership won frequent bets on who could find the lowest score.  I had everything over the years on my credit reports.  My score was probably in the low 500 range.  I had a bk in 2000, a foreclosure in 2007 and several Repo's (I think 3) along the way.  Today I am  a homeowner, drive a car I bought new in 2013 with zero percent interest.  A decade ago I was just plain irresponsible.  Now I am kissing 850, that is my goal, not sure if I can make it.  I pay all my credit cards in full every month except for a $3500 that I have on the books that I having been paying down on at $200 a month.  Fortunately I have been able to kee p the past TAX amount with zero percent interest.  I am not rich, just middle class, I pretty much have everything I could want.  I have up to 10 inquiries on each credit report.  In July of this year about half or more will be off my report.  I am really avoiding inquires like it is the plague.  I am hear to see if there is anything else I can do to hit the magic number, and more important get advise on what I should do from here.  I hope that gives you snapshot of my credit background, if anyone needs my input I am there for you.

Score: font> EQ 823 TU 822 EX 814b>
As of 2/3/2015:
Goal core: 850

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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New Member

Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015

I would like to buy a house this year. I had a bankruptcy in 2007 and have not been able to fully repair my credit. I have medical bills that are now in collections. I have 3 credit cards that are always paid on time and are now paid off.
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2015

I am new to this, but I have lurked for a long time. I would like to purchase a house next year when my BK13 falls off. I have 1 baddie and am working to get it removed. I have had 3 others removed in the last 6 months. I currently have enough credit and am gardening. Still looking for my first Prime card though, but I am being patient.

Starting Score: 580
Current Score: TU 694 EQ 681
Goal Score: 725

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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