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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

Thank you for the well wishes.


Yes, I should receive a credit limit increase in 3 months.


I have learned so much from this forum in a very short time. I have spent hours just reading different forums from Rebuilding My Credit to Gardening and everything in between. It is very encouraging and totally addicting but in a very good way!!! Smiley Happy


I have three medical baddies that I have to clear up between now and the summer. Fortunately, they are not a lot of money ($53, $79, $179).



March 5, 2016 - EX 558  TU 561  EQ 532


Starting Score: 03/05/2016 EQ 558 TU 561 EX 532
Current Score: 550
Goal Score:800

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

Glad to hear your score has gone up 20 points. Excellent!!

Starting Score: 03/05/2016 EQ 558 TU 561 EX 532
Current Score: 550
Goal Score:800

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

Ty it's slow but steady
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

Irecently went on a personal challenge of repairing my credit from years of abuse. In Dec of 2014 I applied for a Kohls store card just to get a percentage of of my purchase fully expecting to get denied. To my surprise it was approved for 300 bucks, ok it isnt anything to brag about but hey what can I say it was approved. This got me interested to see where my credit actually stood. So I pulled my credit reports and they where a complete mess. 540 score was the best out of the 3 CRAs (Transunion). I used an credit repair agency and had alot of the negatives removed and through their advice opened 2 secured credit cards, Cap 1 and a BOA and put 300 in each. Cap 1 did an automatic CLI around the 6 mos mark to 500. I still worked to get all the negatives off (unpaid credit cards, vehicle reposession). there were a total of 17 deliquent or Charge offs on my file. Last year I applied for a Victorias Secret and a Target Red card and was approved for both each starting with a $300 limit. within three months VS gave CLI to $750 and my Kohls did a CLI to $700. In Nov of last year I decided to apply for a Barclays card and was pleasantly surprised to get approved for $1300. In the beginning of this month BOA secured converted to a non secured card with a CL of $1800 and the refunded my security deposit which went to pay one of  the CC balances.

Since I have started this journey I have been insistant on making sure all payments have been paid before the due date sometimes several payments a month. I have not been great about the 10% utilization ratio but I am working on that now. I was able to refinance my 13.49% auto loan ($30,000) to a much better 4% rate through Navy Federal Credit Union. Right now my best score is 660 but I have only one negative mark on my Experian which is set to fall off in April, the other two are completely clear. My goals for this year are to get those scores up into the mid 700s and purchase the house I am currently renting. My biggest factors aside from the one charge off is AAoA and high utilization of revolving credit. As of right now, I have $0 balance on Cap 1, BOA, TagetRed, and VS with $464 on Kohls, and $630 on Barclays. Those balances should be at $0 by 1 May (fingers crossed). I have run the FICO credit simulators and once the neg falls off and my balances are reported as $0 (no more high utilization) the simulators all bring my scores up to over 720 FICO 8 with Transunion at 748. woo hoo!!!! if it actually happens. any adivce to help would be greatly appreciated.

Starting Score: 540
Current Score: 664
Goal Score: 740

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

Hello, I'm a new challenger yayyyyyyy!


For the past few years I have seem to finally grow-up after I had to be medically retired from the military, once that got put in action I knew it was time to focus on getting my credit together. I am in the rebuilding phase I started out in 2012 at 526 I had a lot of crap on there along with a terrible divorce my credit was shot I didn't stand a chance and kinda gave up. But, after I decided to get healthy, I decided that it was time to get credit healthy as well. Thank goodness for the dispute button and the 7 yr rule. so much of that old stuff have fallen off I'm actually waiting for 3 other disputes to fall off which were fruadulent and I will have only one bad account which is a capital one card my ex got in my name and they won't remove it UGH!!!!!!but, anyhoot,  I am a Authorize user on a card and I only have a finger hut account in my name which my mom use. I would really like to have one really good unsecured credit card that can grow with me but I'm scared to apply. I'm not big on credit, prefer to pay cash except for big purchases. so One good card will do but its so hard to do with little credit history so my goal is to find that one card that can help me build that 700+ credit score my current score as of March EQ. 655 EX. 643 (TU. 606 which haven't updated yet ) and with all this facko scores I don't know If these scores are true even though thats what this website is showing LOL! well thats my story and I'm ready for the challege one good unsecured card that can help me reach my goal of 700+

Starting score:10/01/15 Low 500's
Updated New scores as of 06/07/16
EQ 674 TU 719 EX 692
Goal Score 700+
New Cards: AMEX (PRG) (EDP) $10,000 Blispay $1600 Care Credit $9300 Finger Hut $1400 Lowes $8000
Overstock $2000 Usaa $4000
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

Hello! I've been doing a lot of research on what and how to help my credit score. Slowly making a plan to get things right. I am currently in nursing school and when I graduate and start working I want to be able to buy a house. Anyway a lot of my info has come from this site, so I'm a little late, but excited to be joining the challenge... even if my siggy won't work right!

Starting Score: EQ 613 TU 608 EX 604
Current Score: EQ 613 TU608 EX 604
Goal Score: All 700's

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

Hey All,


New to the forum, not my first time here, was a lurker about 70 credit points ago (about a year ago). 


about me:

im 25, work at a tech company, living on my own, annual income ~$40,000



Heres some of my credit life story in a nutshell:

started with some pretty jacked up credit, thanks to a deadbeat dad. Mom kinda helped fix it, kinda. 

Started working at it with a secure card ($600) and secured loan ($1000), eventaually brough a car with mom as cosigner (she was at a 650 at the time, 2014). Never any late payments from me, Got 2 more citi credit cards about a year apart (simplicity w/ $2000 limit, and eventailly a Thank you Preferred $1000 Limit). Now I pretty much have just maintained my credit cards and car loan and looking understand more and improve my score.  


Just took a hit yesterday, getting a $10,000 loan 5yr, which was approved by citi, It will be paid back in full by the end of the month. 


some short term things i want to work on:

Getting my utilization to below 30%

cancelling the secured card. Have a low balance on it (under $100), nothing is stopping me from doing that now, just gotta call and cancel. 

Getting a new cc, right now everything is citibank. Mostly because most of my family works there. not sure if ill get another Citi card or something else (advise appreciated).

paying back this loan, not one im worried about. It'll get done. 


Long Term goals:

Purchasing property to rent out.

New car. 


Any and all advice is welcome. Looking forward to this journey of learning and improvement. 

Starting Score: 696
Current Score: 762
Current cards:
Citi MC Double Cash $1,300
Citi MC Simplicity $2,500
Citi MC Thank You $2,200
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

Super late 2016 fitness challenger here.  


2016 Goals

-Pay off USAA CO and get back in with them

-Get $30k in real bank credit limits.  Not store cards or store Visa/MC/Amex.  Cobranded bank cards like Chase Southwest Visa are fine.

-Get back in the garden and stay there.

-Get Comenity store cards up to minimum $700 each in limits.

-Get Synchrony store cards up to minimum $10,000 each in limits.

-Get back in with Paypal/Ebay.

-Pull Cheksystems/EWS/Telecheck reports.

-Get bank overdraft limit increased to $500.

-Cancel cards that I no longer want or can use.

-Steady, long term second job or income stream


Long term goals

-All inquiries off report except those related to housing and/or health/medical stuff

-Car with USAA or Navy Fed financing

-$30k in savings

-Student loans paid off

-Home ownership

2019 Goals

  • Pay off ALL debt $50,187.55

  • Upgrade Target and Ulta cards

  • At least $12,000 in savings

  • Get a salaried job paying 2x or more current salary

  • Buy my first home

  • Buy a car

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    Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

    College graduate working in the Restaurant Industry for 19 years. I'm having trouble paying back my student loans, which my current employment doesn't even require a Bachelors Degree, and it's majorly hurting my credit.


    My goals are mainly to eliminate my student loan debt by either payment or full relief.

    Starting Score: 544
    Current Score: 544
    Goal Score: 800
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    Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2016

    Long time lurker, first time poster. My credit scores are pretty good (thanks to good history of paying bills on time), but I want to have a better understanding of how my credit scores work and how to be better prepared when I need to apply for new credit.  I'd like to take out a mortgage in the next year or so, but also want to make sure my credit is also working for me.

    Starting Score: EQ 780, TU 780, EX 761
    Current Score: EQ 806, TU 791, EX 804
    Goal Score: 800+ ALL 3

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