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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

Where do we get the signatures of the credit cards?

Starting Score: EQ 501 TU 505 EX 510
Current Score: EQ 719 TU 685 EX 675
Goal Score: 700 Across the Board!

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

@ezy20004 wrote:

Where do we get the signatures of the credit cards?

You can do it now.  Smiley Happy


How to add card pictures to your signature:


It's a big thread, but you don't have to read the whole thing.  Just read the first couple of posts (carefully...) then skip to the last couple of pages, and most of your questions should be answered. 


If you still have questions, post there and you'll find plenty of people willing and able to lend assistance (including myself).  Smiley Wink

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

Hello Everyone


I know it is late in the year but I have been working on my credit for the better part of 2018 and have been following everything I can from behind the shadows. I figured it was time to join in and take the challange.


I started my journey after honestly not really paying much attention to credit for the most part and messing it up in minor ways here and there. I logged into my credit karma account one day and realized I had no credit, a very thin file with only my completed Chase auto loan, a current Bridgecrest Auto loan and 1 old phone bill in collections. It was at this moment i realized i could build my credit and so i started reading the threads here on myfico and begin researching all I could across the web.


I started with scores in the 580's and have hit the 700 club in about 6 months from June 2018 to present.


I got a few starter cards to build with:


Capital One Platinum Visa = SCL 300 CLI 200 CL 500

Credit One Platinum Visa = SCL 300 CLI 200 CL 500

First Premier Bankcard Mastercard = SCL 300

Merrick Bank Visa = SCL 600


I got 1 Retail Card


Curacao = SCL 1150 CLI 230 CL 1380


I added 2 easy primary TL


MyJewleryClub = SCL 5000 (reporting to all 3 CB)

Hutton Chase = SCL 1500  (has not reported yet)


I had an auto loan


Bridgecrest = 15578


I negotiated a PFD on the collection account and got that removed from TU, EP so far EQ has not updated yet but it should be coming off there soon and i should see my EQ score move up closer to the 700's it is currently at 669 while the others TU and EP jumped up into the 700's when it was removed along with a decrease in my overall usage as i have been paying off my credit cards in full prior to the statement date.


Overall I am still learning I hope to buy a home which I am trying now then I will garden while I establish my mortgage and then will try for some better cards with higher limits.

CASH is a byproduct of Labor which is driven by Stable Emotions, CREDIT is a byproduct of Skill which is driven byMindset, LIFE INSURANCE is more about Life then it is about Death, Creating Multi-Generational WEALTH takes Labor, Stable Emotions, Skill, Mindset, Life and Death!
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

@expatCanuck wrote:


  • 750+ across the board
  • achieve & maintain AZEO (which should be by January month-end)
  • put away 3 months' savings
  • meet the CSP bonus criteria and use the bonus
  • PC the CSP by year-end to avoid the AF
  • lift the 'New Credit' component of my FICO score out of the gutter
    (i.e. - stay in the friendly garden)

As well, seriously consider closing the Amex & Discover cards.

(I dislike the phrase, "We don't accept ... ", tend not to keep track of rotating categories, and would prefer not have to think about what card I use.  That said, we eat out often enough that a Savor might make sense, as might the QS (no AF, no FTF) -- but those are thoughts for the latter half of the year, when I've lifted the 'New Credit' component of my FICO score out of the gutter.)

Whirlwind year. 

803, 804 and 820 (EQ, EX, TU, respectively).

Hit AZEO when it mattered; less important now that my scores are happy.

Started to make a dent in the savings department -- about a month''s worth.

Haven't yet used the CSP bonus, but have consolidated my and Mrs. E's points -- planning a trip -- and in fact intend to convert my CSP to a CSR.

The 'new credit' component of my FICO score -- well, it's still in the gutter but, again, the scores are happy.

And as a result of a nice year-end upgrade offer, the BCE became a BCP.


In all, a solid year.

2022 Goal: save 3 months' net income

Starting FICO8: 666 (give or take)
EQ8177 INQ (3 CC, 2 mort, car, CU loan)
EX8067 INQ (5 CC, 2 mort)
TU8293 INQ (1 CC, 2 mort)
3/24< 1%AAoA 7.4y (and plummeting) | AoYA 0m | AoOA 22.7y
[ Last INQ 14-Oct-2021 ]
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

@expatCanuck wrote:


In all, a solid year.

I'd say you've had a stella year, very well done.

~~ Former Royal Navy Submariner - Proud to have served ~~
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