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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

@nunulondon wrote:
I would like to take the myFico Fitness Challenge 2018, how can I do so?

Just list your goals for the year that you think will be attainable. Rather it be reducing utilization on credit cards, to working on any derogs, or is a new car or house a goal for this year? Last year for me was cleaning up credit, reducing overall utilization, dropping sub prime annual fee cards and obtaining ones that would grow with me. 


To mark your progress, it is best to have some avenue to obtain your Fico 8 scores, either subscription here, or doing the trial offers with credit check total and cancelling within a few days. Some credit cards give you a FICO 8 score, others give Vantage scores and is not reliable, nor credit sesame, or credit karma. Post your scores with the date you begin with in January and your goal scores. 


Welcome to the forums!

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

Fresh start - January 2015!


Stats -  as of 01/15/18:


FICO8 - EQ: 732  | TU: 760 | EX: 736


4 CC’s:

  • 1st TL -1/16: Merrick Bank Visa, SL $1200  | 12/17 CL $1500
  • 2nd TL - 4/17: Citi BBV, SL $3000 | 12/17 CL $5300
  • Latest TL  12/17: Chase Freedom, SL $500 
  • Latest TL  12/17: Amex  BCE SL $2000


CC Revolving UTL:  4%

AZEO: Citi BBV 6%

Spending: 20% Maximum UTL per card / paid in full before statement cut


Note: Minimum 5th CC most helpful towards 850 FICO8?  -  Which card will be best 5th card to app for?



Alliant SSL/60m $500

Note: 1st Installment loans since clean slate


Combined CL: $9300


AoOA: 2 yrs

AAoA:  12/17: 15.5 months > 01/18 (post app spree): 11.3months

AAoA = 24 months: June` 2019


Inq’s. Eq - 3 (1 denial 12/17)

Inq’s. Tu - 0

Inq’s. Ex - 4 (1 denial 12/17)


Payment History: Never Late

Negative Accounts: 0

Public Records: 0

Collections: 0


Goals January 2018 -


  • Pull my 2nd myFICO 3B report / evaluate  - completed
  • Demonstrate my sincere appreciation for you guys - completed - see this post
  • Join Garden Club (officially) - completed


Goals February 2018 -


  • Increase CL on my (only) secured card  - fail
  • Get 1st AMEX BCE 3xCLI - completed


Goals March 2018 -


  • Increase CL on my (only) secured card fail
  • Work on Inquiry removal fail
  • contiue Gardening completed


Goals 2018 -


  • Increase savings (achived) & frugality
  • Past a test for work > Increase Performance > Increase my Income
  • Periodically increase CL on my secured card
  • App for and acquire best possible card as my 5th CC
  • Garden for remainder of year after 5th CC approval
  • Attempt to get 1 inquiry removed which was unauthorized
  • Quadruple January’s combined CL
  • Crack 750+ FICO8 across the boardachieved in February!
  • Study wide range of posts on the Forum
  • Post something that will truly help at least  3 members on this forum



  • Tactical Planning and Revision,  a must
  • Will Power, of course;
  • Motivation, yes; 
  • Accountability, you guys will call me on my stuff;
  • Continue to sincerely express Gratitude, always;

My major mission is to raise /adjust my Standards & perceive these goals as Necessity! 


Looking forward to your motivational support support guys  <thumbs-up>!

Amex Plat | Amex EDP $24,000 | Citi BestBuy Visa $11,000 | Chase Freedom $7500 | Discover IT $7500 | Amex BCE $5,000 | Merrick Bank Visa $2000 | Alliant SSL
Starting Score: Fico 8: EQ 721 TU 742 EX 736
Current Score: Fico 8: EQ 746 TU 764 EX 756
Goal Score: Fico 8: EQ 750+ TU 760 EX 750+

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

My goals this year


Pray I don't have disasters as in 2017, major flood in kitchen, lived in hotel for 3 months, had to pay for upgrading electrical, new appliances, etc. Also pray insurance company doesn't drop us (first claim). 


Credit goals

To exceed 760 ATB both Fico 8 and at least middle score on mortgage

Keep AZEO, do have a big higher utilization on the one card, but does not exceed danger zone, should hopefully be only statement cut max of about 6% after March. Fingers crossed. 

Stay in garden- been 9 mos since last app, only ask for CLI if a soft pull only 


Financial goals

Save at least 10% of net income monthly. 

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

@mbrown82 wrote:

Hello Everyone!

I'm new to this forum and the challenge. My current scores are as follows:






My Experian score just took a 21 pt hit because my auto loan was paid off last month (which I'm not happy about). I also recently changed a secured credit card account with my bank to an unsecured card, which closed the old account and opened a new card account. The new account has a higher limit, but I'm hoping that it won't hurt me that the previous card was closed. And finally I opened a new Amex gold card account a few weeks ago. Neither one of these card changes are currently reflected in my scores at the moment, so I'm curious to see how these changes affect my scores. Do you think it will hurt that my older unsecured card was closed and 2 new cards were opened in such a short time frame?

Welcome to the forums!

Yes, not having an installment loan reporting can hurt your FICO scores but the best loan to report is one that has less than 8% of the original balance left to pay.  This is why many of us did the SSL Technique here:


As for your new accounts, the only way to know is for you to calculate your AAoA on all accounts reporting.  If you need help let us know and we can guide you.  New accounts usually hurt the most for 0-3 months, hurt less for 3-6 months, hurt a LOT less for 6-24 months and hurt zero at 24 months typically.  But the first 3 months are the worst.

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!


Currently sitting at 768. Hope to get to 800 by the end of the year.

Current scores: EQ-768 TU-768 EX-767



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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

Brand new to the Forums. Hoping to clean up a lil mess due to unforseen circumstances. Started my journey in 6/17.. score 503 TU.. today (1/18) 650 TU. 1st Goal is 750. Then onward!
Starting Score: 503
Current Score: 650
Goal Score: 750

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!


  • 750+ across the board
  • achieve & maintain AZEO (which should be by January month-end)
  • put away 3 months' savings
  • meet the CSP bonus criteria and use the bonus
  • PC the CSP by year-end to avoid the AF
  • lift the 'New Credit' component of my FICO score out of the gutter
    (i.e. - stay in the friendly garden)

As well, seriously consider closing the Amex & Discover cards.

(I dislike the phrase, "We don't accept ... ", tend not to keep track of rotating categories, and would prefer not have to think about what card I use.  That said, we eat out often enough that a Savor might make sense, as might the QS (no AF, no FTF) -- but those are thoughts for the latter half of the year, when I've lifted the 'New Credit' component of my FICO score out of the gutter.)

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

My financial situation is such that I am in a year of rebuilding. By goals are:

1. Improve credit scores.

2. Remove and/or dispute inaccuracies on each of my credit reports.

3. Maintain below 20% credit utilization (according to the reporting date of the bill).

4. Pay all bills on time/Pay credit balances in full by due date.

5. Save a downpayment for a house.

6. Buy a house.

7. Refinance car loan.


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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

First Timer to the MyFico Fitness Challenge!  Can't wait to see how this year plays out for rebuilding my CRs! 


              FICO8                                                Mortgage

10/2017         01/18/18                     10/2017             01/18/18

TU: 578           TU:  597                      TU:  632              TU:  651

EQ: 591           EQ:  608                      EQ:  616              EQ:  629

EX: 598           EX:  628                       EX:  590              EX:  627


2018 Goal: 700s across the board FICO8, Mortgage Mid Score in 700s


Fico 8 as of 11/13/19:

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2018!

I went straight to the monthly challenge and started posting, then remembered I forgot to post my 2018 goals

Since the end of 2017 was such a disaster, my goals for 2018 are high


I want the bogus mortgage lates off of all three reports.  1 down, 2 to go

All scores back up over 700, and hoping for 740 range or higher

All credit limits restored to same amount, or higher, than before the mortgage lates appeared

$67K card limits have been reduced to $48K, due to the mortgage late payments that started appearing

Get credit card interest rates restored from the higher rates that were imposed

Pay off one card a month

Focus on side work for savings and home improvements

Push my congressman to introduce something that will protect the consumer, by requiring some sort of verification of negative information reported that can cause potential financial cost, employment opportunities, credit and banking approval, and other negative impacts the consumer endures when inaccurate information is reported. 

Beginning Scores 554, 622, 669

And the final goal is to find out why I have been in the forums since 2012, but still have New Contributor flying abover my posts  Smiley Happy





Starting Score: 593
Current Score: 554,622,669
Goal Score: 750

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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