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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

Happy New Year to the myFICO Forums Community!

Can you believe we’re entering our ELEVENTH year of the myFICO Fitness Challenge?!
If you have financial goals, the myFICO Fitness Challenge is the place for you!

What is the myFICO Fitness Challenge?
To take part in the myFICO Fitness Challenge, simply post an introductory note and state your financial goals for the coming year. Are you hoping to raise your FICO Score? Buy your first home? A new car? Get that coveted rewards card? Tell us about what you hope to achieve, and what reaching those financial goals will mean to you. As the year progresses, check back here to report on your progress, talk about hurdles you encounter, or simply reach out for support and encouragement from your fellow Fitness Challengers.

Monthly Check-Ins
To help you stay on track we encourage you to stop by for monthly check-ins. On the first day of each month, myFICO will post a monthly check-in thread for you to talk about your progress, successes, speedbumps, etc. Participation in these monthly check-ins is optional - but encouraged!

First time Challenger?
If you’re new to the myFICO Fitness Challenge, then welcome! To begin, set up your official  MyFICO signature on your Profile page (Go to My SettingsPersonal ProfilePersonal Information). Then just reply to this topic, telling us a little about your financial situation, your goals, and how you plan to achieve them during the coming year.

Returning Challenger?
Welcome back! Please be sure to update your myFICO Fitness Challenge signature, so it directs to the current challenge. If you'd like, you can review 2019's challenge here.

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

My 2019 Challenge went quite well. 


My initial & ultimate goal was to get a clean report -- unexpectedly accomplished that in February 2019.   My scores dropped though when it happened:  (1) my last derog was also my oldest revolving account; (2) I had just acquired 4 new accounts in the 2 months prior -- the new accounts didn't ding my dirty scores but whew! was I punished when I went clean;  (3) after the clean reports & corresponding score drops - I figured what the heck and apped for 2 more accounts -- for a total of 6 new accounts in 2019.  So I've been in recovery ever since.  


After the removal of my last derog, I set a new FICO score goal of reaching 760's by the end of 2019  (my highest on a dirty report was 780).  I hit that goal on one bureau - EX.   TU is close at 754.  EQ is just whatever at 734 (has the most inquiries).    However -- my FICO9s are all above 760.  


Goals for 2020:

'1) No new accounts.  I'm staying in the Garden till 6/2020 and only stepping out for HP CLIs... no new apps.   I need to let my accounts age to increase AAoA, and hope to be in the low-mid 790s by the end of the year.   

2)  Pay down my student loan debt by a significant amount.  I haven't decided on a $ amount to shoot for yet -- but it will be significant. 

3) Continue to save as much as possible. 


That's it... 


Wishing all the best in the New Year!!  

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Current FICO 8s | 04/2022: EX 796 ✦ EQ 793 ✦ TU 790
Current FICO 9s | 04/2022: EX 790 ✦ EQ 788 ✦ TU 782
2022 Goal Score | 800s

My AAoA:
4.6 years not incl. AU / 4.9 years incl. AU
My AoOA: 9.2 years not incl. AU / 11.2 years incl. AU
Inquiries: EX 0/12 ✦ EQ 0/12 ✦ TU 0/12
Report Status: Clean
Garden Status:  

Without patience, we will learn less in life. We will see less. We will feel less. We will hear less. Ironically, rush and more usually mean less.
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

Great opening for the new year of 2020! This is the place to report your credit goals and outlooks for the next year. The big picture if you will. Now to keep you active and on track there is a monthly weigh in that allows for a status up date and to keep you reminded and involved as you strive for a new height in your credit world Smiley Happy
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

Hi! New here. I just want to raise my FICO scores and reduce debt. I'm going to be a lurker and a learner. 

Happy New Year

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

My original two goals for 2020 had been for 3 clean credit reports and to then app for a mortgage.  Well due to Synchrony's early derogatory drop-a-palooza back in late Nov/early Dec all of my reports reported clean in December, so that goal was completed in December.  With that out of the way, goal #2, the mortgage app was also completed in December, so with the new home build now underway, I've got new goals for the 2020. 


Goals for 2020:

1) Let existing accounts age.  When my credit started turning around in April 19, I embarked on a somewhat ill advised spree.  This was before I really dug into the boards, or I would have known better.  Luckily, I suffered no AA from it, but I do have 7 CC's and 1 CLOC that need some age.   

2)  Pare down some of those CC's. In the heat of the spree, I acquired at least one card that is really useless to me, and another that is now redundant.  I will probably ditch my two remaining store cards.   

3) SP CLI will be the order of the day.

4) I have my eye on one goal card.  The AMEX BCP.  Will consider apping for that sometime after the mortgage closes in June.

5)I'd like to see at least one of my scores enter the 800 club by the end of 2020. 

6)Cushion my savings for an emergency fund.  


Starting FICO 8 December 2017

FICO 8 as of 6/7/20

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

Hello from a sunny Puerto Rico!

How exciting, l am looking to finish off 2020 with:

- 2-3 unsecured new cards
- reduced debt
- car loan
- increase my fico scores by an average of 100points across the board

How close will I get? Will I exceed my goal?

I’m hitting the ground running by starting a whole new approach to budgeting with YNAB.

Happy New Years ya’ll!

Starting Score: 12/18/2019 EQ 601 | TU 614 | EX 596
Current Score after recent fall from grace: 02/8/2023 EQ 647 | TU 660 | EX 663
Goal Score: 780

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

I had unexpected medical expenses in 2019 that drained my savings and maxed out my credit cards at the same time. My health has recovered, which is the most important thing, and now it's time to build my savings back up and tackle my card utilization. My scores are currently sitting at 639 EQ, 653 TU, 627 EX and I'd like to raise them to 725 across the board by the end of the year.


Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year!

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

@Anonymous you came to the right place. Your goal seems workable and if you find questions, some one on this Forum likely can assist.
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

Ready for taking financial control of my journey.


Thank you to each of you for your post and input to this financial education in adulting.  

I am looking to increase my scores to secure a home loan and to no longer pay more for doing business due to my poor credit scores.


Here's my breakdown..

I have over $130K in federal student loans from graduate school.

I have an annual net income of $124K.

I currently have credit lines and utilization shown below. (amounts owed are rounded to nearest $100)

Secured Citibank Mastercard- - >$200/$1000 (used for daily purchase ... now moving to AMEX instead better points)

Navy Fed Visa (Platinum) - - >$600/$2000

Navy Fed cashRewards Visa - - >$7000/$15000

AMEX Gold - - >$0 - ->NPSL - $2750 POT (recently approved)

Mercury Mastercard(old Barclays) - - >$2300/$2850

Merrick Bank Visa - - > $2000/$3350

Captial One QS - - > $0 / $500

Captial One QS1 - ->$0 /$500

Nordstrom Store Card - - > $2200 /$4750

Amazon Store Card - - > $0 / $400

Target Store Card - - >$0 / $2100

Nieman Marcus Store Card - -> $0/NPSL

Kohls - -> $0 / $500

Wayfair - - >$0 / $750


I had one collection that was on my record that I just recently PIF'd and requested a deletion due to a medical bill missed in 2013.  This should be removed and in the next 30 - 60 days reflected against both TU and Experian.


I know my utilization is not the best.  I will be working for the next 4 months to pair down to under 30% and then move to what will be necessary to get the student loans manageable. 


Any pointers that can be offered will be greatly appreciated.  


Also, how do I update my signature to include the cards and their CL?





Starting Score: 498
Current Score: 611
Goal Score: 800

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2020!

Hi @pipie, welcome to the forums.


You won't be able to add or edit HTML in your signature until you reach the rank of 'Member'; an easy way to tell is the 'New' star will be removed from your name.


For your reference, below is the link located in the SmorgasBoard section of the forums which provides some guidance on how to set it up once your rank has advanced to Member:



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