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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!


Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi Everyone!


New to this forum and It looks like I can get some great information.  A little bit about me.


Filed for Chp 7 in Augst. Discharged in 01/2012.  Lost my job a month later and was unemployed until August.  Finally have a new job that pays an hourly salary plus commissions. However, I won't start seeing any jump in income until November.  Its been a struggle but thanks to friends I have minimal expenses.


I got a secured CapOne card.  Put $200 to secure a $400 CL.  Its a start!


My issue is I need to get a new car. I still owe $9k on it and it has almost 80k miles on and is starting to show wear and is in need of repairs.  2 dealers so far have balked (unbelievable)  I will be posting more on this later.


So my goal is to get those numbers higher and higher!



Starting Score: N/A
Current Fico Score: 655
Goal Score: 750

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!



For the first time in my life I have made a decision to have good credit and not be scared of my credit file! I am taking this challenge in an effort to clean up my finances. I've been through bankruptcy, credit card charge off, default student loans and every other credit no no under the sun. Since I found this site i have improved my score at least 70 points in the last 6 months, gained 2 cc accounts (haven't had credit since mid 90's) and have brought my student loans out of default! My goals are to be able to buy a home in 12-24 months, save a 6 month emergency fund, raise my credit score to an 800 and live without having to pay extra for everything because I am considered "subprime". The advise I have come across here as been great....its so nice to see people who have been where I am now at where I want to be!!! Thanks again for these forums!

Starting FICO 485
Myfico 635 (3/01/14)
EX FAKO 667 EQ 697 Barclaycard TU 707 4/27/14 (yea!)
Mortgage Ready End of 2015
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

I had the best credit for many years and thought I knew everything about credit well I didn't! I closed many credit cards because I thought it would be better to have only my best two. Well then all heck broke lose and my rates went up because of the ratio difference that I did not understand.I have  spent the last seven years trying to rebuild my score and I am finely seeing my progress. No one should ever give up!  I will continue to work hard and steady to get back the scores I want. It is a pride thing to me. If I can do it anyone can. 

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Glad things are starting to change for the better!

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

I started building credit when I turned 18 this year in March. My mom added me as an AU on her Chase Freedom, and I started off with a CapOne secured card. 7 months later, I have a Discover It and an Amex Zync. At this point the weaknesses in my score are the short history, new accounts, and the high number on inquiries on my Equifax (8). I'm planning on gardening until January, at which point I'll apply for the Amex BCE for backdating purposes. I'm hoping all three of my scores will hit at least 730 by next year at this time.

     $1500            $1500             $2500             $2500             NPSL         
Starting EQ: 646 - Current EQ: 693 - Goal EQ for 12/2013: >720
Gardening from 7/2013 until 1/2014
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Ahhhh.....Well let's see I have been working on my credit ALL year! I have been an avid user of but just recently started with the community boards.  It amazes me the information that you can learn here!  My credit is currently up 115 points from earlier this year (that is fico scores) my transunion score is a 678 as of today on their scoring system!  My shortterm goal is to have my median score to a 640 by Dec 1st!  Thats FAST!  As of today it is a 617~  So a way to go!  I work on this every single day!



Starting Score: 517
Current Score: 638
Goal Score: 700

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Wow! Hi everyone I'm joining the fitness challenge so late but I'm planning great things for my future so that is no never mind :-)


About me filed BK Chpt 7 May 2012

Discharged Aug 2012


3 Credit Cards Now

Capital One 06/2012

NY and Company 09/2012

Lane Bryant 09/2012


Student Loans - $18,000's 


1 Auto Loan Financed through Capital One



Looking to join the 700 club.. through keeping debts low, paying in full on both store charge cards and never going over that 30% threshold.. I'm also doublepaying on my car note. Interest rate is unusually high but I know that is courtesy of BK. Starting to pay on my student loans. Will refinance hopefully inabout 6 months on car loan to my credit union. Looking forward to learning as much as I can because I didn't find out til after I was divorced how important credit really is. I am 24 years old and hope to be a homeowner before 30. 

Starting Score: 467
Current Score: 661
Goal Score: 795

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge

Post BK Wallet: Target VISA $10,000 (AU) | NFCU Credit Card $5,000| Walmart $1100| Cap One Platinum $3000 | Amazon $1150 | Discover It Card $500 | Cap One Secured $500 | PayPal Smart Connect $500 | Lane Bryant $1130| Dressbarn $750 |NY & Company $250| Victoria's Secret $250 | Target Store Charge $200 |Capital One Auto Finance
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

MarineVietVet wrote:

LadyRover wrote:

Does anyone know why my cute little FICO logo won't appear in my signature? Smiley Sad

It's fixed. Welcome to myFICO.

Yeah my logo does not appear either for some reason.  

Starting Score: 565
Current Experian Score: 634 (Lender pull)
Current Equifax Score: previous 668, 680 as of 11/12/13 lender pull
Current Transunion Score: previous 675,677 as of 09/23/13
Goal Score: 750

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge

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FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi all,


I am joining late but have been working on my credit report since March 2012. Cap 1 whom I have a long history with in April 2012. Open a unsecured Credit Card of $500, and secured for $1500, both with Capital One in June 2012.


In August 2012 I pulled all three reports and started to work on reports. At the time my Equifax score from myfico was 562. I found a lot of items not listed as "included in bankruptcy" and disputed them. My Equifax score is now 643.


biggest thing hurting my score from goal is I applied for a forbearance of student loans during bankruptcy and it was processed for 6 months not 12 months as I requested, so I have lates on credit reports. Sent a Goodwill letter to see if they will help.


And a student loan that went into default because it was sold to another lender without my knowledge. I enrolled in rehabilitation and I am now in 9th month of payment. Was told the default will be removed sometime in November/December 2012

MCU $1000 (open 5/2015) I Capital One $3750 (open 4/2012) I Discover IT $2000 (open May 2017)
Starting Score 07/2016: TU 619 I EX 631 I EQ 592 I
Current Score 05/2017: TU 658 I EX 666 I EQ 666 I
Goal Score: All scores between 670-700 by July 2017
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

jadeite788 wrote:

Yeah my logo does not appear either for some reason.  


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