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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Happy new year

My focus for 2013 is to build up my credit score from 682 to 750. Purchase a new car, pay credit cards on time. Try staying on top of things more and not let things get our of hand.

Rebuilding credit is a process, doing it with a smile.
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

No because I just recently started contributing and it shows for me. Try copying and pasting the HTML found here:

In my Wallet CapOne Cash Back $3000, Apple FCU $1000 Victoria Secret $500, CapOne Journey $1000, $800

Starting Score:1/2012 504
Current Score: EQ: 665 TU 637 EX: 671
Goal Score: 700 across the board
Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Goals for 2013


-Raise my CS to 680 by the end of this year. Right now I'm a dumpy mid 500s.

-Get rid of the 4 collections I have sitting on each CR

-GW the lates on 2 loans

-Decreate balance on CC (right now it's almost maxed and a First Premier (yuck))

-Pick up a secure CC and keep utilization low


I've been reading everything I've come across and I'm really excited about getting this junk fixed.

Starting Score: EQ 574 EX 528 TU 566 (1/18/2013)
Current Score: EQ 574 EX 528 TU 566 (01/18/2013)
FICO 562 (02/04/2013)

Goal Score: 680

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Pay down balances this year to raise the score! ALSO, more difficult job, write GW and PFD letters to clean up the wifes credit!

Starting Score: EQ 640
Current Score: EQ 663|TU 689|EX 644
Goal Score: 700 club

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

I've been reading these forums for about 3 months now and am so glad that there are people out there willing to help each other out by sharing your stories.  This year my goal to is pay down debt and increase my score rapidly.  I'm in the market to buy a house and I want to get the best rate out there!  I just paid of a $10,000 loan that I had from 5 years ago.  It was a great feeling!  I look forward to a great year!

Starting Score Dec 2012 : TU: 572| EXP: 566| EQ: 560
Mar 2013: TU: 630| EXP: 638| EQ: 623
Feb 2014 :TU: 711| EXP:739| EQ: 678
Goal: TU: 720| EXP: 720| EQ: 720
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Hello.  I'm new to the Forum but have been monitoring my score obsessively since Spring 2012. I am so excited to take this challenge! My goals for 2013 are to leave the 681 CS behind and happily join the 700 club. I also want to apply for some prime credit cards.


The "Good":  In 5 1/2 years, I have never been late on w/a cc payment. I have 2 Parent Plus Student loans in deferrment that total $18,400. I plan to start making payments on these loans to help offset some of the accruing interest.  Mortgage is in my husband's name since he got a better rate solo.


The Bad: I have two accounts in collections. One is a chiropractic debt that I NEVER received a bill for.  Just happened to check my credit report in 2009 and there it was. The second is a $79 medical bill that I am honestly not sure how it slipped through the cracks. These are my debts and I plan on paying them--just not yet. I've read that once I pay them, they will be reopened & remain on my credit report for 7 years from the date of payment as opposed to the date they were assigned to my credit report which was 4 years ago.  So my plan is to leave them alone for now and build up my score and obtain my dream credit cards--then pay off the collection debt when I can "afford" to take the possible reopening hit to my credit. Does this make sense?


The Ugly: A $579 state tax lien from 2002. It is only on my Equifax CR. It dropped off of TU and EX in 2012. 


At the end of January my credit card debt will be $1900 and by the end of February it will be ZERO. I'm hoping this will increase my score 19 points. I have six revolving credit cards and my total CL is $7800. Two of these cards are subprime; five if Capital One is also considered subprime.


Any and all advice/observations are welcome. Here's to financial stability in 2013!

Starting Score: 681
Current Score: 681
Goal Score: 740+

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!



  • Improved my score from 547 to 593 with paying down individual utilization.
  • Had 19 derogs removed from all reports total, via PFD's, some aged off. 
  • Added 8 new accounts with limits that helped my overall util.
  • Unfortunately, had 6 new 30 day auto lates from Santander hit my report unexpectedly.



  • Increase my scores to 720
  • Pay off $3k of credit card debt
  • Refinance an existing high int rate install loan into new one.
  • Roll the other $3k of cc debt to an installment loan or pay off if I can.
  • Have 2 paid collections slated to fall off in the next 2 months.
  • Have 2 paid charge offs slated to age off in the next 3 months.
  • Refinance my truck after most current 30 day late hits 1 yr in Sept. Currently 13% for 48 more months.  


Chap7 discharge 7/29/15
Fico 6/18: TR:632(high util)
Cap1(Plat+QS) 3500+4500/Merrick 1400/Express 2100/Overstock 4100/VS 500.
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

HI Everyone:


Hope it is going well for everyone so far into the New Year. Just an update to my Credit Journey.


FICO: 599 (MyFICO), 619 (lender pull)

TU: 639 (1/23/2013-pull myself), gonna pull my equifax & wait on my myfico to update

Removed a Old Cap One CO (Yippie)


Still working!


Super day to all.




***Nothing Beats a try but a Fail*** I refuse to fail, success is the only option.
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

New Year, New You.


very excited about 2013 and the tHe opportunity to grow in 2013.


I learned that plants don't grow overnight only with careful Gardening.


2013 goals are continue to garden and apply for and receive Amex Platinum card.


Finishing the year with a score in the 760's-780's


Mentor any new members in helping them be debt free & credit worthy. If I did it so can you 

527: 527
755: 755
800: 800

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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