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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

I'm currently a first year medical student and I've started thinking a lot more about my financial situation now that I'm taking out lots of money in loans. I'll end up with around $250,000 once I graduate in 2016 so I want to make sure that I at least have my credit cards straightened out.



  • BB Rewardzone Mastercard - Over 95% utilization
  • WF CC - Over 95% Utilization
  • Amazon Store Card - 70% Utilization
  • Banana Republic Store Card - 0% Utilization
  • VW Auto Loan - 5 months left on 36 month lease. 2 late payments back in late 2011 have hurt me quite a bit.
  • $30,000 in Unsubsidized Stafford Loans and GradPLUS loans for the first semester. Next $30,000 kicks in in a week.
  • Parents have a Citi CC account open with my name attached with a 12 year history, but it's carrying a 13K, 95% balance.
  • 2 AMEX cards with 20 year history is giving me a nice boost (cards currently closed but still showing up on credit report)

2013 Goals

  • Completely pay off Rewardzone Mastercard, WF CC, and Amazon Store Card (this will actually happen in the next week as well after getting some assistance from my parents. My student loan money will be untouched, so I'll be getting a fresh start)
  • Get approved for a Chase Freedom
  • Get my parents to remove me from the Citi CC account so that the high balance is removed from my name (This will remove another long history account, but I'd rather have the low utilization and only have accounts of which I'm completely in control.)
  • Budget student loan money so that I only utilize under 10% of the CL
  • Increase FICO score to 700+
In My Wallet: Chase Southwest RR 6k | Best Buy CC 4.6K | Wells Fargo Platinum CC 1.4K | Amazon Store Card 3.5K | Banana Republic Store Card 3K

Current Score: 655 (2/7/18)
Goal Score: 700
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

I have attempted to rebuild my credit for the past 3 years.  Currently, my scores a pretty low because my of my debt to income ratio.  My plans are to pay my credit cards down after tax seaon.  Additionally, I applied for a secured card with both Navy Federal and USAA.


Here are my scores

Transuion 603

Equifax 574

Experian 570


My goal is 760

Starting Score: 570
Current Score: 570
Goal Score: 760

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Happy new year everyone!


Goal's for 2013

Payoff remaining $6000 in debt ASAP! Avoiding interest until March, hoping to get tax refund before then.

build a 6k emergency fund.

start a vacation savings account (because what's the point of all this work if you can't enjoy it?!)

increase score from 747 to 790

stop using/depending on cc's so I never have to struggle like this again!!!!!


good luck to all!

Starting Score: 747
Current Score: 797
Goal Score: 850

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

2012 Wrap Up

  • Bottomed out at 525 EQ FICO in May
  • Paid off all CC debt and three open collections
  • Had three collections removed
  • Brought EQ FICO to 645, EQ TU to 676
  • Opened 1 new card, Walmart store card
  • Only left the garden once in 2012

2013 Goals

  • Auto loan (Could be as early as this weekend)
  • AMEX Member
  • Add 3 total cards: AMEX BCE, Discover IT, DCU Visa
  • Hit the 5 figure mark in credit card limits, including 5k on one card
  • 700 club on 2 out of 3 bureaus
  • Current: EQ FICO 706, TU FICO 701, EX FICO 706 | Starting Score: 525 (05/2012)
  • Starting total revolving credit: $1100 | Current total revolving credit: $36,700
  • Inquiries (12 Months): EQ 2 TU 1 EX 1 | Most Recent: 1/21/2014
Chase Freedom $9500
DCU Visa $10000
Capital One QS $2000
AMEX BCE $3000
Lowe's CC $8500
WalMart CC $3100
BOA Platinum $600
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

2013 Goals


1. Get rid of the 4 baddies on my credit that are left---2 collections.

2. Maintain GREAT credit card history...and get rid of secured cards--replace with unsecured (good rate) cards.

3. Help husband clean his credit up

4. Get to a 700 credit score

5. Qualify for a home loan.




In My Wallet: Barlclay NFL $4500 | Capital One Secured $300 | First Progress Secured $300| Walmart $600| New York & Company $500| Kohls $300| Discover IT $3000| Sears Citi|$4000|Walmart $800
First car lease $370 month August 2013
Signed First Mortgage August 2013
Starting Score: 581 EQ
Current Score: 658 EQ
Goal Score: 750
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

My goal score for the end of 2012 was to hit 800.  That did not happen.  So I am going to make it a goal to get to 790.  My other goals include to be more aware of what I spend money on.  I do not need any new clothes and if I do I think I may revisit thrift stores.  I guess I just want to be more frugal with my money. 


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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Morganirish, I think that is a great approach!  I too have become more aware of how I am spending my money and I  have decided not to eat out so much, to cook more at home, bring my lunch to work every day and not buy one item of clothing until I can fit in the ones I have! Everything old will be new again! 


My motto for 2013 is save, save and save some more! 

Amex Green Amex Gold Delta Rewards Discover IT CU Rewards Visa Closed on my new home 5/2013!

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been a member for almost 3 years and have never taken the fitness challenge. Because of this site and all the advice I became a home owner in Dec of 2010 my fico scores pulled from here at that time were TU - 668 EQ - 667. 2011 I bought a new car with an interest rate of 3.84% ( way better than the 17.99 I paid on my other car in 2001) and in 2012 I raised my FICO scores to what they are below. I have to remove 1 final medical collection and 1 or 2 30 day lates that are to fall off in 2013, then all 3 reports will be CLEAN! Smiley Tongue

My goal is to get as much of my CC debt paid off as possible in 2013.

Starting Score: TU 754 EQ 705 EX 680 (AmEx pull)
Current Score: TU 754 EQ 711 as of Jan 28, 2013 EX 680
Goal Score: 800 across the board with utilization down from 28%

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!


2013 Goals

- Improve my FICO scores to 720+ for all CRA, and get an "A" rating on TrueCredit's monitoring site by keeping util extremely low and removing all derogs.

- Finish saving for 20% down payment on building our first home by June.

- Pre-pproval for my CU's best mortgage rate by June.

- Obtain high rewards card such as AMEX Plat, Chase Sapphire or Citi Diamond Preferre (after mortgage closing).

Starting Score: EQ: 660 TU: 636 EX: 629 (lender pulled 11/2012)

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

My 2013 goal includes: Reduce installment debt

Take 3 grad classes

Garden for 12 months with no apps


myfico fitness challenge logo.png

Filed Chapter 13 on 6/1/2017 after job loss. Discharged 6/1/2022.

Goal: Gardening!

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