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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!


Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

I am joining the December board because I have been lurking for a while and managed the guts to be fully accountable and rebuild my credit. I want to take the 2014 FICO challenge and I cant wait. 2014 is going to be a great year. 


Here is what I did in December:

- Pulled all 3 credit reports in November and disputed the inaccurate info. Should have all results in a few days. 

- Sent  a PFD to Midland {although I hear they are not going to budge from what I read}

- Sent a GW to Capital One in regards to a 30 day late payment back in 2010. So fingers crossed they will take it off. 

- Sent a DV to Asset Acceptance for something I have no idea what it is. 

- Going to be in garden until March 2014 at least. Then reapp for Discover IT card. 


Started to get super serious about rebuilding credit, cause I want to buy a house in 2014. 


Excited for this journey. I have learned a ton just by lurking so far. 



Starting Score: 530
Current Score: 638
Goal Score by 6/2014: 750

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

A lot of people want to quit smoking & lose weight for the new years. Me... I want to fix my own credit. Tired of NO's, rejections, and overall financial struggles. This new year will be my time!


Thanks to myFICO for all the usefull info!

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Current Score: 515
Goal Score: 650

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

I made a deal with myself to make sure I'm above 650 on all 3 of my credit reports.  Now the challenge is to make it happen in 2014.

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

I'm right there with you DevilDawg. I'm trying to buy a house in the future, get approved for loans, etc. We can do this!

Starting Score: EQ: 565 EX: 572 TU: 571
Current Score: EQ: 587 EX: 643 TU: 610
Goal Score: 700 Across the Board

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Recap for 2013


Guess I am going in the garden for 2014.   I had success in 2013 in these areas:


Successfully beat a bogus foreclosure nightmare that started in 2007.  Received a Dismiss with Prejudice in 2010, they refiled and the Judge Dismissed with Prejudice a second time January 2013, and the original filing fell from my credit reports in September.  I am beyond the SOL, so I hope to file Quiet Title in 2014.


I will have all credit cards paid off February 2014.  I only have $100 on one, and $450 on another.  Then I start paying down the $12,000 I owe on my car.


Started a successful Ebay store that is bringing in about $1000 per month, which I will continue to grow and use the funds to pay off the car and then start a retirement fund.


Doubled the credit limit on all three of my credit cards.  They stay at home so I am not tempted to use them for anything.

Walmart Transunion from 619 Jan 2013 to 640 Dec 2013

MyFico 642 Dec 2012 to 676 Dec 2013

Equifax 642 Dec 2012 to 685 Dec 2013


To work on in 2014:

I still need to file a dispute with two collection agencies that are coming at me for a Dish Network acct that has been settled.  It is for a box that the rep told me was outdated and didn't need to be returned, when I switched to another provider.  I returned it when I received a collection notice, but they never removed the collection, and keep referring me to the collection agency, but they can't/wont tell me which one they reported to. 


One charge off that I have not been able to resolve should fall off in March or April.  Its for a balance of $300 on a credit card that they were trying to collect $1400 for.  The least they would settle for was $600.  It is beyond the SOL, and hopefully will fall off this spring.  These are the only two things keeping me from a 700 score.






Starting Score: 593
Current Score: 554,622,669
Goal Score: 750

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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