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13 % of us are 800+

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Re: 13 % of us are 800+

Revike wrote:
Now someone needs to change all those ubiquitous FICO charts that accompany every article about credit, showing the 800 score sitting at the 91% point (indicating only 9% of scores exceed that level).

And I bet the increase from 9% to 13% is all due to AUs. Smiley Happy

I think you are probably correct...but no way to prove it.  If they change the history
(aging) benefit it will really hurt AU's.
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Re: 13 % of us are 800+

I see quite a few 800+ scores in people over 60-70 years of age. They are retired, no more mortgage, no debt. Simple way of life. Stopped using credit. PIF all their bills. Have virtually no expenses. Even if they had negs plenty of years to drop off. Most of them never knew their credit scores.

To get an 800 takes a few mix of credit accounts. One card with high limit. Avg age of credit cards 7+ years and tiny to no debt on all accounts with no negs. All this is very easy for a person 60-70 years of age. But if someone really worked at it, it is possible with a credit file 10-15 years of age.

It's kinda one or the other. Do you use credit? If you do you probably can't be 800's. This is not bad it's just UTL. What good does a credit score do if you can't use it?

I personally think that there are many people that are 740-760 with high UTL. Chances are if they paid all debt down to 1% their would be many more 800's. But if they did that they would have to stop using their credit. Which further makes me believe people with 800's don't use credit very much.

I personally am low to mid 700's. But I would like to think of my self as one of those people that are really working hard to improve their scores aiming for 800's.

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Re: 13 % of us are 800+

I laugh at the whole credit system......Here's why:  I make good money and pay my bills as well as the bills of my wife.  I have a few degrees from college and my wife is a few classes short of her degree.  I work full time and I have since I was 18.  My wife works here and there and makes a little over minimum wage.  I fought for 9 months so my credit could be close to 700 while my wife never looks at her credit however and it stays close to 800.   We have had the same bills for 18 years yet my wife receives pre-approved offers right and left while I receive offers for secured cards.  Every time the mail arrives, I am reminded of the flawed system used to evaluate individuals.  In a few years perhaps I can climb up close to 800.  Gee this sounds fair to me. surprised robot


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Re: 13 % of us are 800+

Don't worry, I pay all our bills, my wife is self employed, and she has much better credit than me because she needed periodontal treatment and they gave here a big credit card to pay it (no interest if paid as agreed). I paid the bill and she now has an older credit history than me and a lower utilization  Smiley Sad


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