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30 month AAoA threshold for VS 3.0?

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30 month AAoA threshold for VS 3.0?

Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, haven't been here in a while. 


Recently I crossed the 30 month (2.5 year) mark with my AAoA, and my VS 3.0 shot up 19 points on TU and 22 points on EQ as per Credit Karma. Uitl and #cards reporting balances remained unchanged, so this leads me to believe there's a 30 month AAoA threshold for VS 3.0




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Re: 30 month AAoA threshold for VS 3.0?

Wow, 19 points seems huge for any AAoA threshold crossed, especially as low as around 3 years. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. There's not a lot of data points for V3 due to it's very minimal use in credit decisions; and score changes for any reason can differ greatly due to the different algorithm vs FICO.  I think there's not a lot of focus on V3 although some, not that the information you provided isn't useful.  However, V4 seems it may be more of a score model that we will need to start analyzing as it seems it may be gaining some use with big lenders (Synchrony is the only I'm aware of for sure but heard of maybe a few others), V3 doesn't seem to have ever gained much steam in the mainstream for credit decisions.  

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Re: 30 month AAoA threshold for VS 3.0?

Nevertheless version 4 is probably patterned after version 3 so it could give us starting points.
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