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+39 Points TU FICO8, Dispute-Updated 60D Late 5+ Years Old, Data Points

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+39 Points TU FICO8, Dispute-Updated 60D Late 5+ Years Old, Data Points

Long story short, I filed a dispute with TU regarding a 60D Late from 5 years 2 months ago with Wells. This was the only negative account on my report. They updated it, changed the rating to a (closed) account in good standing, no more lates. My TU Fico 8 went from 773 to 812, (making my scores across the board: EQ 805, TU 812, EX 768). My TU mortgage score (5,4,2) went from 738 to 768, officially meaning I now have 2 out of 3 bureaus reporting with scores over 760, making me mortgage ready. I feel like celebrating! Seriously, I'm just so stoked right now! Thank you to everyone in these forums for teaching me so much over the past year!


I do want to point out that having this one 60D late semi-removed/updated influenced my scores quite a bit, even though it was over 5 years old. I've been told a few times, and read in the forums in various places, that this kind of late should not have effected my scores more than 15-20 points. That just wasn't true for my profile, so I wanted to share. And to celebrate (:


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Re: +39 Points TU FICO8, Dispute-Updated 60D Late 5+ Years Old, Data Points

Congrats, so glad you go that off.


I believe you are so right it regards to it keeping your scores down.


I have a few lates from Chase mortgage that should fall off end of this year and I have a handful of lates from our current mortgage that will be 2 years old in may.  I have written over 25+ GW letters and our mortgage co will not budge, their last reply was written in bold Smiley Embarassed So I am easing up on that for a while.


But my/our scores are in the 730 range and that is the only negative, and I truly believe that is seriously holding us down from going any higher on our scores.

EXP 763 TU 793 EQ 734
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