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40-50 point difference from EX to TU-EQ?

Epic Contributor

Re: 40-50 point difference from EX to TU-EQ?

gotmilk70 wrote:

I fail to understand how that is possible with EX. So the EX FICO has a lower score than the EX PLUS, TU FICO and EQ FICO? This is more than a 40 point difference! Credit Sesame also shows my EX to be 746! The only thing that bothers me is why the low score when all other scoring numbers are much higher. I mean even at 694, its still good credit. I just know I have better...especially with TU and EQ. Is the EX FICO scoring system that different to give a 40-50 pt score difference? There has to be a reason behind this!!!?!?!?!?

It is possible because FICO uses a different algorithm for each CRA based on the criteria of the individual CRAs.  None of your scores will be the same.  And all 3 of the FICOs from this site are different models/versions.  Each one weighs things differently.

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