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700 score, but they only look at DQs?

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700 score, but they only look at DQs?

I am curious, even though I have a decent score, when I apply for a credit line increase at Bank of America for example, I get declined due to too many deliquincies about five years ago for medical bills.  So I wonder how much your FICO score matters if it keeps going up every month but I get declined for the DQs?  I also searched and found something interesting today:


If this is correct hopefully I can get the collection agenices to wipe the medical collections from my record since I paid them all in full.

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Re: 700 score, but they only look at DQs?

First of all, for the medical collections, jump over to the Rebuilding Your Credit board and read the HIPAA/ medical collection thread stickied near the top. Several of our veterans worked out and posted the process, and it works.

Yep, lenders look at FICO scores and at reports. The score alone doesn't tell them what's what. My current EX score of 730 could represent what it does, someone with lates in the past but great history since, with low util, or it could represent someone who was an 830 last week, but a new collection just posted, and they lost 100 points overnight.
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