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703 to 628


703 to 628

I have been working very hard to get my score up, and about 2 months ago I checked one of the three and it was 703.  I have not had any late payments or incurred any other debt since then and when I checked today they ranged from 628 to 677.  I don't understand.  Anyone have any ideas why?  I am very discouraged.  Thanks.

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Re: 703 to 628

Couple of possibilities/questions:


First, did you get the 703 score from the same source that gave you the other scores? There are lots of different scoring models and some of the FAKO scores can be wildly off in either direction from the FICOs.


Second, you mention you've been cleaning up reports. Have you recently gotten rid of your last baddie (CO, BK, etc.)? When that happens, your score may drop due to rebucketing, meaning that your now being compared to other people with clean reports, where before you were being compared to others with baddies. This can temporarily and discouragingly drop your score, but it also gives you more room to grow your score in the long run.


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