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850 TU 850 EQ 824 EXP

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850 TU 850 EQ 824 EXP

The only difference between my reports which run deep is that the Experian report shows paid Affirm accounts (eBikes)


These needles have not budged in a year.



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Re: 850 TU 850 EQ 824 EXP



If you look at the reason codes for EX on the various scores does it have a CFA reason code in them for eBikes?  I am pretty sure Affirm codes that way.

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Re: 850 TU 850 EQ 824 EXP

26 points for using affirm, that should be criminal. 


surprised there aren't more consumer watchdog groups outcrying the use of affirm style CFA installment options as borderline scams for dinging credit even with perfect payment history 

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