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AAOA and inactive accounts

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AAOA and inactive accounts

I'm an AU on my wife's Sears card, which is about twice the age of my oldest credit card.  The account is open and has a tiny CL, so it sits in the sock drawer unused.  If it had a high limit it would be worth using once in a while so it helped utilization, but the whole CL is less than 1% of our total credit, so there's no point.


My question:  As this card is unused and thus likely inactive, will it continue to calculate in our AAOA?  Or should we use it once a year to keep it in the mix?  I would close it altogether if it wasn't for the AAOA benefit.


What do you think?

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Re: AAOA and inactive accounts

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Re: AAOA and inactive accounts

Curious, if you close a CC does it still "age" after you close it? Or does it only count whatever the length was when it was closed?

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Re: AAOA and inactive accounts

it's the date opened that factors into AAoA for both open and closed accounts. So yes, a closed account will still "age" with regard to AAoA.

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