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Acct transferred still reporting

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Acct transferred still reporting

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.

My wife struggled with managing her finances in her younger years and she still doesn't have a full understanding of everything that happened her family abused her financially.

At one point we had almost payed down all of her credit cards and then whamo new charges totaling over 1k showed up on her CC. We found out her grandmother was an AU on the account and charged the money. Well fudge were on the hook for it, stinks but well get through it. Spoke with chase the CC issuer, who suggested we just relinquish the card and allow her grandmother take it over so long as all parties agreed. We all signed the paperwork and the account has since been removed from my wife's chase account about a year ago. However they are still reporting that account on her CR's, spoke with chase who said get a new product from us for 6 months and the old card would stop reporting, did this, but it is still reporting. Spoke with the Ex, EQ, and TU who said we could dispute it but they said they could not remove it from being reported.

My wife is still rebuilding and the high usage of her grandmothers account coupled in with her grandmothers late minimum payments and the util that reports are all hurting my wife and I am at a loss what to do next to try and resolve this.

Looking for suggestions and advice.


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